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Facebook retires AI assistant "M"

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: dpa, Lukas Schulze)
             Facebook has turned off its text-based wizard "M". The experiment failed. German users could never use the service: "M" had never left the closed beta phase.


        Facebook M was a personal assistant who served his users as chatbot. But now M is retiring, the "experiment" had failed, Facebook confirmed to the BBC. M "lived" in Messenger and was, according to The Verge for about 2000 people within California usable. Observers actually expected a speedy expansion of the experiment.


          During a chat, M suggests matching stickers. The proposals should continue to exist.
    M had started work in the summer of 2015. The assistant took care of about flight bookings or reserved tables. M was not served by voice input, but only by the chat. The special feature: Once Artificial Intelligence (AI) did not know what else to do, a human colleague jumped in and did the job.
According to the BBC, an expert said the service did not meet Facebook's expectations. The journalist Casey Newton, who was allowed to try M, did not know much about M after a short time. He used the assistant at most still to replace phone calls. In an interview, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said other people would. Not a good sign.
Ms suggestions remainFacebook wanted to use M to find out what users need and expect from a digital assistant. "We learned a lot," said a Facebook spokesman. Facebook wants to use the collected insights in other projects, AI will continue to play an important role. M did not do a bad job by any means: "We are still very satisfied with the performance of M's suggestions in Messenger." These automated proposals, in contrast to the human-supported core function, existed in many countries. A total of 100 million people have used them so far. The contextual proposals will probably continue, writes The Verge. Only a human assistant will not rush to help the AI




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