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  Fabian Lustenberger from Hertha BSC: "The young players are performing quite differently today" – Sport | Bit Updates
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Fabian Lustenberger from Hertha BSC: "The young players are performing quite differently today" – Sport

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Mr Lustenberger, a week ago you brought Hertha BSC a point at Bayern for the first time. Do you still have any goals now? Win in Munich! I actually experienced everything at Bayern: narrowly lost, lost unhappily and got right on the lid. Now we are the first time without a clean sheet. But I was certainly not the only one who has not got a point in Munich yet. I've done that now. Since I could actually stop (laughs). There is still Schalke. Since I've never got a point? Can be, yes.Hertha's last point win in Gelsenkirchen dates from 2005. That was just ahead of my time, right. Then it would be nice if it would work this time. They came in 2007 from Lucerne to Berlin. Were you sad that your ten-year-old was not celebrated as big as Franck Ribery's at the Bayern? I'll say this: If nothing had come, I would have been disappointed. But it was very appreciated. I got a lot of recognition, a framed picture and also a clock from the club. Hertha's media department did a lot of work on that day and made a lot of effort. She rummaged through the old videos again, for example from my first press conference. When I saw myself there – madness. I thought that was great, was very happy and thanked the media department with a round of pizza. Recognition and esteem are the nicest things for a footballer as well as for any other human being. When you think back to your beginnings, what has changed the most? Almost all of them are already at a top level today. In the old days you were thrown into the cold water at 21 or 22, today you are thrown in with 17, 18 and you have to pass. If you did not make it at the age of 20, it means: It's not enough. The young players are performing a lot differently today than I used to. They are already earning a lot of money, a lot has shifted. But I do not think that's negative. I think my part and just let them do it. In the cabin, for example, the boys are responsible for music selection. If we had done that earlier, there would have been an announcement: Turn that thing off! We do not hear any music here!

In 2007, Fabian Lustenberger moved from Lucerne to Hertha BSC Photo: dpaHow do you prepare yourself as a professional football player for getting older? To be honest: I still have a hard time thinking about what will come after football. Yes, I'll be 30, but I do not feel like I'm going to break down in the next year or two so I can not play anymore. My problem is common: something has to happen first so I can get my butt up. I know that's the wrong approach, but that's a bit of a buff. Do you look forward to football after your career? If it is possible. And where? I always had the idea to work as a trainer. It does not have to be with the pros. I even see myself more as a youth coach. But even there I would be back every day on the football field and on the weekend. The family would have to stand back. That's why I'm just thinking about what makes sense.

How long do you want to play football? Plump said: As long as it goes. I do not have a master plan that I say: I play soccer until I am 35, and after that comes this or that. As I said, planning is a bit difficult. What is more important to you: playing for as long as possible or ending your career with Hertha? I have been here for almost eleven years. Of course I can imagine staying longer. Should the moment come when I leave Hertha, it would be extremely difficult for me. But I am glad that I have never made promises. Maybe I will not be welcome to Hertha in one or two years – which I do not hope so. I'm glad it's going so well for me right now. I also have a contract until 2019, and there will certainly be discussions sometime. Since I am relatively relaxed. Were you a bit surprised that it is going so well again? Surprised not necessarily. Because I knew I was fit. That's always a good sign. Nevertheless, the season was an up and down. On the first four matchdays, I did not play a single second, then I slipped through the Europa League in the team. In between, there was a low, where I was completely out, and now I play almost from the end of the first round durch.Was do you, so that they stay fit? I am now in an age where you have to do more for his body. After the games he needs one more day. And if I get too little sleep, that depends on my feelings for three days. My sense of duty in terms of regeneration has increased. I often stay here until 17 or 18 o'clock, take care of myself or climb into the ice bath.



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