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Exploratory talks: "We take ourselves seriously, listen to us" –

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

"Jamaica" does not appear to be so complicated, if the Secretaries-General find the time to deal with the tropical island in detail. "From Berlin to Kingston it is 8500 kilometers," says FDP general Nicola Beer. "The Black River is the longest river," notes CSU man Andreas Scheuer. One thing is said to be as much as: Until the Liberals come together with the CDU, CSU and Greens, there is still a long way to go. The other is to say: We are the greatest. Only Angela Merkel's general Peter Tauber remains completely connected to the home: "In the end, a good government for our country should be." On Wednesday, at least, the beginning was already made. In the parliamentary party, on the morning of the rounds of the exploratory rounds – first CDU and CSU on the one hand, and FDP on the other – in separate preliminary talks, then for a good two hours a first palpation. Afterwards, concepts such as "constructive", "factual", "solution-oriented" fell, which is no miracle, because the first meeting never comes to the point. It was more about atmospheric, also an opportunity to get used to the idea, that you really want to really reunite four years together. In the run-up, the sound was still poisonous here and there. On Wednesday even Scheur, who had not been offended by the attack, spoke in the imaginative language of the Christocial baroque style: "We have now opened the visor of the election campaign." In the round, refugee policy, and energy issues as well as Europe as important topics, but, as participants report, have not yet deepened. The question remained open to the question whether one would like to tackle the presumably simpler topics, or even the cracking points. They all agreed that, at the end of the exploratory, concrete, concrete cornerstones of a coalition should be. Timetables are not set until Friday, when the "Jamaica" parties come together for the first time in fourth and in the circle of the large exploratory commissions, ie with a good half a hundred persons. Everyone would be right if the education of the government did not go on Christmas. But the Union and FDP have learned bitterly from the last joint government how self-destructive it is not to negotiate conflicts clearly.Kubicki is to become parliamentary vice. Later in the afternoon Union and Greens met for the first time for bilateral talks. In the three-hour talk, the Greens had raised the issue of climate protection, agriculture and social issues. Serious negotiations had been held in this round, too.

CDU-General Tauber suggested conciliatory tones: "We take ourselves seriously, wrestle with each other, listen to us." Green Federal CEO Michael Kellner said he had just come "steeled from two parents' meetings in the last weeks". The meeting with the Union was a "good talk". His CSU colleague Scheuer also emphasized that the atmosphere was "okay" and "the direction of the march". At the same time, he still noted "various distances in the view". Especially the CSU is still somewhat difficult with the new potential partner, which is why it was attentively reported that CSU boss Horst Seehofer already on Tuesday evening in the Green headquarters was sighted. The visit was a premiere, and Green Undertaker Jürgen Trittin remarked ironically on the other day that "a small cultural shock" might not be bad for Bavaria, because he also shows "We are not afraid of anything." But Seehofer has not only with the Greens negotiating leaders Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Cem Özdemir for an hour and a half, but the next morning at the Hans-Dietrich-Genscher-Haus also with FDP boss Christian Lindner – both, says the CSU boss, from good decency "and more not. At all, one should be careful in these days to draw conclusions too quickly. In the afternoon a supposed sensation makes the round: Wolfgang Kubicki is to become Bundestagsvidepräsident! Kubicki? The man, who had explained a few days ago whether he was making the FDP factional party and Lindner the finance minister or vice versa, did not care? Is this supposed to be a political honor-house? But the thing is easier. In fact, the FDP will nominate Schleswig-Holstein as its vice-candidate. But this is only meant as a park position, owing to the fact that experienced parliamentarians are relatively rare in the freshly fired parliamentary group. And finally Christian Lindner can not do everything alone.


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