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Exploratory talks: Re-launch of the grand coalition is approaching – Politics

Friday, January 12th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The CDU, CSU and SPD have apparently agreed on an exploratory result after almost 24 hours of negotiations. This was announced on Friday morning from party circles. Accordingly, the six-round from the party and group leaders of the Union and SPD agreed. At present, the respective party delegations were still being informed about the 28-page settlement paper. The final round of exploration began on Thursday morning and lasted throughout the night. Again and again different rounds came together. The issues of finance and refugee policy should have been particularly contentious. Concrete results are not yet known. In view of the long soundings of the Union and the SPD, the CDU has canceled its meeting scheduled for 9 am in Berlin. The board meeting scheduled for 10 o'clock is scheduled to begin at 11.00 o'clock, as announced on Friday morning.Gremium meetings postponedThe deliberations are to evaluate the outcome of the soundings, and at midday the Union faction will be informed. Also at the SPD meetings of the executive committee and parliamentary group are planned. The CSU committees will only come together on Monday. The closed deal is not a grand coalition with the foreseeable end of the exploratory talks. While the Union needs the approval of the party committees, the SPD leadership has yet to confirm the exploratory result of a special party on 21 January. This will be followed by coalition negotiations. This text will be updated on an ongoing basis. You can follow all current developments in our news blog.


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