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  Expert for the real estate market: I would advise anyone who wants to buy a property as an investment | Bit Updates
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Expert for the real estate market: I would advise anyone who wants to buy a property as an investment

Saturday, November 4th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The prices for real estate in numerous German cities knew only one direction in the recent past: upwards. As interest rates are currently low and Germans are notorious stockbrokers, investors are increasingly turning to the real estate market as an investment opportunity in search of attractive returns. However, the dangers are often underestimated. "Real estate transactions are unfortunately not so easy that you can advise anyone to invest his money in real estate. You can also fall on your nose, "said Barbara Schmid from real estate portal Immowelt in conversation with investing in real estate. Because just who buys an apartment or a house as an investment, must pay attention to a lot. "You also need to be able to assess the fabric of the building and the condition of the property, and, especially for a condominium, know what the reserves look like and whether major investments are required. Otherwise, the purchase price can very quickly become much higher, "explains the expert. Even those who expect that the rental income will cover the rates for a mortgage loan taken, should be careful. Such a model only works if the tenant regularly pays his rent and does not incur any major repairs, such as a broken roof or a defective heater. Due to the German tenancy law, it is also difficult to get tenants out of the apartment who are unwilling to pay. Inexperienced property owners then face a problem because they themselves can not bear the cost of their own apartment and the rented property. Property expert Barbara Schmid therefore has an important recommendation: "I would advise all investors to buy a self-used property. So they get a feel for it and also know what it's like to complete a financing. Because the first financing you make in your life will most likely not be the best. "The global real estate market remains attractive. grundbesitz global invests worldwide in commercial real estate in the areas of office, logistics and retail. Why this is interesting for private investors. According to Schmid, the risk is lowest with a self-used property. You save your own rent, get better conditions from the bank for a financing and learn what it really means to own a property – with all the rights and obligations. Only when you have mastered this situation and learned from his beginner mistakes, you should consider a real estate purchase as a pure investment, says Schmid. However, investors should also bear in mind that prices on the property market will not always rise. "At some point, the prices will fall again, we just do not know when", so the real estate expert. In addition, the real estate market in some cities has already run so hot that only low yields can be achieved there. "The higher returns you get in cities that are not so much in demand, but they are also associated with a higher risk. I would not recommend this as an investment to a beginner, "says Schmid. Image sources: igorstevanovic / Shutterstock.com



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