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  European Union: Brussels sets conditions for the Brexit transition phase in London – Politics | Bit Updates
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European Union: Brussels sets conditions for the Brexit transition phase in London – Politics

Monday, January 29th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The EU member states set strict standards for the UK's desired transition period after Brexit. For example, the United Kingdom will continue to comply with all EU rules by the end of 2020 and transfer billions to Brussels, but will no longer be able to take part. Their guidelines for the next negotiation phase were agreed by the 27 remaining EU countries in Brussels on Monday, "and now we can start the second phase of this complex and extraordinary, extraordinarily complex negotiation," said EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier. At the same time, he quickly demanded a clear message from London about what the long-term partnership should look like. The UK wants to leave the EU by the end of March 2019 after more than 40 years of membership. In December, the main separation issues had been largely clarified. By March, both sides now want to negotiate the conditions of the immediate post-exit period, followed by future relations. British Prime Minister Theresa May proposed a transitional period of about two years, with as little change for citizens and businesses as possible. However, London intends to agree on trade agreements with new partners during this time and also hopes for room for its own immigration rules. The EU is putting pressure on London. But Mr Brarnier said Britain will remain part of the internal market and the customs union at its own request during the transitional period. Special conditions à la carte could not exist. The conditions for EU citizens in the UK also remained unchanged. Although the UK itself can negotiate new agreements with other countries, they can only put them into effect with the EU's consent. According to the EU negotiating directives adopted on Monday, the entire rule-book of the EU and the case-law of the European Court of Justice should continue to apply. as if it were still a member. This includes rules that will be adopted after the departure on 29th March 2019. The United Kingdom should no longer have a say, but only in individual cases as observers in committees invited. The draft countries had negotiated negotiating goals last week. On Monday, they needed only two minutes for the decision, according to diplomats. The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Sacharieva, currently Council President, praised this as a sign of unity on the EU side. Brexit supporters in London had already criticized Britain as a "vassal state" during the transitional period. The EU wants to agree on a "political statement" on future trade, security, defense and other issues as soon as possible in March. For the first time, Barnier saw flexibility in the timetable: he wanted to conclude the agreement on withdrawal and transition phase by October, as planned. In the political explanation, it does not matter for a few weeks. This would then be contracted during the transitional period until the end of 2020. (AP)


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