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Euro on Sunday Interview: Mike Tyson: "The Beast is Tied" | Message

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

by Renato Leo, uro on Sunday His fears made Mike Tyson (51) a boxing legend – and a rich man. Nevertheless, "Iron Mike", who made a fortune of $ 300 million with spin-offs and sponsorship deals, had to file personal bankruptcy in 2003. Talking to uro on Sunday, Tyson tells how his dissolute lifestyle sent him on the boards. And how he wants to prevent a renewed financial slump through smart investments and a new career.
uro am Sonntag: Mr. Tyson, behind every successful person is a mentor. Your teacher here
Cus DAmato, to whom you have dedicated your new book "Iron Will" – a biographical underdog story: aging boxing coach meets 13-year-old street boy and builds him to the champion. Do you often
asked how your life would have gone without DAmato? Mike Tyson: I would probably become a member of a strait. For sure I would have bitten into the grass before I was 20 years old. Cus saved me from this fate. He was not only my coach, he was the father to me,
I never had. Before I met Cus, I had a severe inferiority complex. He was the one who let me know that I was better than everyone else. Cus always told me
again, I am a god. He cheered me and then broke me again. That was his tactic to motivate me.

They also describe in the book how he presents you with the prospect
Fame and money spurred on achievements.
I lived from hand to mouth until my first professional fights. When my mother died, I was 16 and did not even have enough money to buy a coffin for her. After their funeral, I'm off and broke into Huser. Cus knew how to grab me when I was on the verge of sliding back into old habits and messing things up. We dreamed together that we had enough money to buy villas and that everyone would be open-mouthed.
Instead, DAmato died at the age of 77 in 1985, even before they became champions for the first time. Is it true that he had foreseen your rise as much as the many dramas later in your life and your bankruptcy in 2003?
That's exactly how it was. After my second divorce, I suddenly had over $ 30 million in debt – and that after squandering $ 300 million. I filed for bankruptcy in 2003, I was completely bankrupt, but then I suddenly got a return of $ 250,000 on an investment that Cus had made before his death with his last $ 500. "In case the boy does not make it." I broke out in Trnen, I had ruined my life, but he had foreseen that, and from the grave he cared for me. That gave me hope and got me back on my feet.
Hardly any athlete in front of you has squandered his fortune so unrestrained. In your villas, you kept Tiger in a private zoo, your fleet included over 60 luxury cars. Do you regret today how you dealt with your money?
What I experienced and participated in is hard to beat. In my 50 years, I have certainly lived ten lives. I cut my money for cars, prostitutes, villas, and jewelry as if there was no tomorrow. Nevertheless, it is difficult for me to regret all this. I just did not know it better then. I was young, stupid and rich in stones.

Her boxer colleague George Foreman had to declare bankruptcy in 1980. He said that there was nothing worse for a man than a bankruptcy. Do you agree?
No. There are worse things that can happen to a man than to go broke. I remember what it felt like when my daughter Exodus died in 2009 at the age of four. She was strangled by a cable of a treadmill. I was destroyed on the ground. In such a moment, everything else loses its meaning. No money in the world could bring my daughter back. Although I grew up in poor conditions, money has always been more of a symbolic value than a material value for me. For a long time, I was a very angry person, and money helped me suppress my hatred of the world and of myself. The richer I became, the more I lost interest in money. It was just there and away in the next moment.

It took them ten years to get out of bankruptcy.
That was undoubtedly a rocky road, but I left it. I made films and appeared in commercials. My children and my current wife Kiki gave me the strength to work my way up again.

Why did not you just get back in the ring?
For no money in the world, I would have risen again in the ring.
Almost all of you have sworn by your predecessors.
And did not stick to it. Although it would have left one or the other better. It was clear to me: I will never return. I hate boxing because it made a bad person out of me.

When you won your first title, you went with the winner's belt through your old neighborhood in Brownsville, Brooklyn – everyone should see what a winner you are. A champion. And a rich man. What was that feeling for suddenly getting rid of all the financial worries?
I felt like the king of the world. The first million has changed my life. I suddenly lived in one of the villas Cus and I had dreamed of in the years before. It was a total intoxication. Like in a movie. I thought I did it, I'm successful. Unfortunately, money also brings out the bad in a person. Especially when you're famous. That was also the case for me. I became arrogant, arrogant, a real asshole. I was never crazy about money. But the money has made me crazy.

Which crazy things did you like to spend your money on?
For cars. I remember how I became a WBA champion in the spring of 1986. I was 20 and wanted to buy a Rolls-Royce. I already had the sales contract. But my former manager said, "What do you want with a car if you can not even drive? Wait until you're 21." So on the 30th of June, my birthday, at ten o'clock on the morning of June 30th, I stood at the dealership on the mat and bought my dream car: a blue Rolls-Royce Silver Spur for $ 119,500. I've really thrown a lot of money out the window, but I'll never regret that purchase. One year later, I took the IBF title and rewarded me with a Rolls-Royce Corniche. The cost already 165 000 dollars. Somehow I had to get rid of the money.

There are a striking number of boxers among the athletes' leaders. Do you have an explanation for this?
First of all, because they are uneducated. Boxers do not come from the university. Boxing is pretty much the only sport in which a ghetto kid from Brownsville, Brooklyn, can make it to the Multimillionr. That requires talent. Talent makes you rich, but it does not make you smart. As a boxer, you have to be as confident in a room full of business people as in a boxing ring. Otherwise you will be ripped off. Consultants, managers, promoters – they are all behind your money. The second point is the provision. The boxers do not have it like that, most people only think from fight to fight. It is extremely important to let your money work for you. I did not understand that at the time.

A lot of promoters and consultants have earned their money. Because you have too often trusted the wrong people?
Absolutely, but that's a general problem for professional athletes. We give our trust to managers and consultants early on. Trust is something you have to earn. I had financial advisors who showed me how to spend money tax-saving, but not how to invest money effectively and invest sustainably.

What lessons have you learned from this experience? Never trust a consultant and take your investment into your own hands?
No, I still do not know enough about the matter. I have financial experts who work for me. But I have become more suspicious. My wife Kiki takes care of my banking affairs. She also looks the advisors on the fingers. I want to know exactly how and where my money is invested.

In which areas are you invested today? Shares and real estate instead of cars and fur?
Correct. I have invested a part of my assets in real estate, because the rents secure a recurring income. In addition, my money is in US government bonds and equities, both in funds and in individual stocks. But only blue chips. I am a conservative investor and prefer defensive stocks. I hold it with Warren Buffett: Buy only what you understand. In my portfolio are solid companies that pay reliable dividends for years. Coca-Cola, McDonald's, American Express. So nothing risky, I do not want to go broke again.

Are there any parallels between the tube and the speakers?
I think so. Both on the tube and in the box: Keep calm, analyze the situation and strike when the opportunity is favorable.

There have been rumors recently that you should be in financial distress again. US media reports that they urgently need money to pay for their children's alimony.
Which father of eight children does not need money? But broke? No, I'm not broke. I am through with the chaos. What I earn is enough to ensure a decent standard of living for my family and myself. I'm still working hard for my money, but this time I'll be careful to keep it.

You are referring to your second career as a comedian. They even have their own one-man show in Las Vegas, with which they perform several times a week. What is "The Undisputed Truth" about?
In my show at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas I hold a monologue in which I tell anecdotes from my life. I like the feeling when I see that people are fascinated by it. I am an entertainer, a nursery animal, one who subjugates the people. Quite a few even compare me to Eddie Murphy. I am no longer the beast that scares others. And people love the new Mike Tyson. Maybe because I have always remained authentic.

In any case, you are still not cheap. In the spring you will also be performing in Germany with "The Undisputed Truth". The ticket prices start at 89 euros and go up to 800 euros for a gala dinner with you. Are people really willing to pay such prices?
And if, without batting an eyelash! In Europe, the inflow is much larger than in America. The people in Germany have always adored me. It's just crazy. I've always thought I was a bluff guy who did not manage to get out of the mess. But I have solid ground under my feet again. I also make good money with many other things.

It means Hollywood wants to film your life. How is the state of affairs?
Yes that's true. The movie about my life will come. Jamie Foxx has already signed. He really wants to play me. He's probably speculating on an Oscar (laughs). The script was written by Terence Winter, author of "The Wolf of Wall Street," and if all goes well, Martin Scorsese will be directing, which is a great honor for me. But there is no start of shooting, we also have to wait until Martin has time. Once the final details are cleared and Scorsese gives the green light, it can go very fast.

What do you wish for 2018?
Health and happiness for my family and me. I want my children to grow into respectful people and to be proud of their old master. Not because of my past, but because of the person I am today. For that I like to rack my ass off. I am glad to have become a different person. The animal in me is tied.
Successful career
Michael Gerard
Tyson came on
Born June 30, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York. In 1979 he learned
his friend Constantin "Cus" DAmato know. In 1986 Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion. From his 53rd
Professional fighting finished "Iron Mike" 42 by K.o. Tyson is the father of eight children and has two divorced marriages. With his third wife
Lakiha "Kiki" Spicer lives in Las Vegas.
Crooked road
In 1992, Tyson was sentenced to ten years in prison for rape. In 1995 he was released because of good leadership. Unforgotten is his World Cup fight in 1997 against Evander Holyfield, in which he bit his opponent a piece ear. After scandals over alcohol and drug abuse and a personal bankruptcy, Tyson resigned from boxing in 2005. Image sources: Albert L Ortega / Getty Images, Steve Lott / CC BY-SA 3.0


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