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EU exit of Great Britain: Brexit comes to cost Germany dearly – Politics

Friday, November 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Britain's exit from the European Union (Brexit) is costing Germany dearly. According to a study by the European Parliament, quoted by the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe, the EU budget is likely to be permanently lacking 10.2 billion euros after Brexit. Of these, Germany would have to take over 3.8 billion euros as the largest net contributor under unchanged conditions. This corresponds to an increase in the annual contributions by 16 percent. "Brexit not only increases the financing burden for the EU-27, but also changes the distribution of burdens", according to the media report in the expertise. Germany and countries like the Netherlands and Sweden are currently benefiting from a rebate on the "British rebate", which has helped London reduce its payments. These benefits fell away after Brexit. France would have to pay 1.2 billion euros more after the Brexit report, Italy around one billion. So far, Germany has paid more than 14 billion net annually and France 5 to 6 billion euros. However, how much each country will need to bear in addition depends on whether the EU is forced into austerity because of Brexit or introduces new taxes. Additional articles in the UK exit law will be issued by the European Union on 29 March 2019 at 23:00 GMT ( 0 o'clock CET). The exact exit date will be enshrined in an amendment to the resignation law, which is currently being discussed by Parliament in London, British Brexit minister David Davis said on the night of Friday in the online text messaging service Twitter. British MPs had previously expressed concern because the exact Date of resignation is not yet anchored in British law. The resignation should take place exactly two years after the day Prime Minister Theresa May officially started the divorce process of the EU. In June, most of the British voted in favor of leaving the European Union in a referendum. On Thursday, the sixth round of Brexit talks between representatives of London and the EU began in Brussels. This time the talks are scheduled for two instead of four days. One of the key issues is the EU's financial demands, which EU Parliament President Antonio Tarjani recently estimated at between € 50 billion and € 60 billion. It also concerns the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and the British living in other EU countries , Finally, the future status of Northern Ireland, which belongs to Great Britain, and the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland must be clarified. (dpa / AFP) Video09.11.2017, 08:41 Uhr00: 29 Min.May loses another Cabinet Member: Minister resigns


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