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Environmentally friendly driving with the MobiCoin – is that possible?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Read article: Daimler also joins the current trend of using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for itself. With the MobiCoin the car manufacturer wants to create incentives for environmentally friendly driving. A project that turns out to be a clever marketing strategy at second glance. The environmental conscience calm down, even though you drive a car? Save fuel while conserving nature? To move in a resource-friendly manner and to be rewarded for it? Sounds seductive. With this concept, Daimler now attracts potential customers. With the in-house cryptocurrency MobiCoin, the company from Stuttgart wants to reward its customers for environmentally friendly driving in the future, they announce it on their blog. Whether the cryptocurrency will be used later, however, is still unclear. MobiCoin, a bit like IOTADA's concept, which stands behind MobiCoin, reminiscent of IOTA in its functioning. The South German company wants to collect vehicle data via an app and convert it into MobiCoins. The more environmentally friendly the test riders drive, the more tokens they should ultimately receive. The app, which distributes the coins, also promotes the competition of users. A feature of the app promises a comparability between the environmental friendliness of its users – incentive systems inclusive. There are also app-internal rankings that reward the winners with prizes. So that everything runs smoothly, the app contains the necessary tips to actually drive environmentally friendly. Ultimately, the app thus takes over the control of driving behavior, the incentive to the competition, suggestions for better driving behavior and the distribution of coins – Internet of Things, we come! Marketing strategy or not – Daimler's drive to promote environmentally friendly driving is certainly not wrong. However, there is a catch. It looks like the system is currently designed only for the Mercedes-Benz GLC model. The patent for the name MobiCoin has been available to the US Patent Office since 5 December. Whether the project will succeed remains to be seen.BTC-ECHO About Phillip HorchPhillip Horch completed his Master's degree in Literature-Art-Media at the University of Konstanz in October 2017 and has been working as a freelance journalist ever since. Already during his studies he wrote for various magazines and now he is gaining a foothold in Berlin. The main focus of his journalistic work is on the opportunities and challenges of digitization, so that for some time now he has also dealt with the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. All contributions by Phillip Horch


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