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  Enlightenment brochure of the Berlin Senate: Why a daycare book on sexual diversity polarizes – Schule – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Enlightenment brochure of the Berlin Senate: Why a daycare book on sexual diversity polarizes – Schule – Berlin

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

How does one react as a kindergarten teacher if a boy wants to play the mother in "father, mother, child" and the other children refuse? Should one interfere or let the children regulate this themselves? Simone Schmidt is director of the day care center "Kleine Schlaufüchse" in Berlin-Buch – and she remembers such a situation. "Together with the kids, we questioned why the boy should not play mom," she says. "We support the children in that they can try something different. There is a role, and there may also be two mothers. "For such and other sensitive situations in daycare there has recently been a much-discussed handout by the Senate Department for Youth. The title: "Murat plays princess, Alex has two mothers and Sophie is now called Ben – Sexual and gender diversity as topics of early childhood inclusion education." Among the case in Simone Schmidt's day care center it says: "Children playing princess or elf, later, no princesses or elves. "Questions from the everyday lifeIn 2009 already, the Berlin Senate passed the parliamentary initiative" Berlin steps in for self-determination and acceptance of sexual diversity ". For its implementation, the Senate commissioned the education initiative Queerformat, which carries out training with professionals of child and youth welfare. In 2013, a special day took place, from which the now published, 140-page handout emerged. "The symposium was very well received in the Kitaworld," says education expert Thomas Kugler from Queerformat. "It has become clear that the questions we are dealing with are questions from the field. They come out of the kitsch practice, we do not carry them in, as is now often accused. We have asked these questions very often in the seminars of the last seven years by specialists and give in the handout well-founded answers. "The brochure is aimed at educators and offers suggestions on the issues of gender and family diversity. For example, it says: "Small signals can be a great and important sign of your openness to different ways of life for the children you work with. (…) That's why it's important to signal to children at a young age: 'You're alright!', 'Your body is right the way it is!', (…), 'Falling in love is fine, regardless of the gender of the people! '"Basic texts provide information on intersex, children's rights or the situation of children from rainbow families. In addition, the brochure provides concrete assistance for day-to-day life and presents educational materials, such as picture books, which address the topics of otherness, exclusion, and social diversity.

Criticism of AfD and CDU "Sexuality has always been an issue in working with children. Only in the past we had no idea of ​​sexual diversity – if anything, then of homosexuality, "says Edeltraud Flindt. She has been the director of a day-care center in Berlin for 16 years. With her team, she participated in a training course in queer format that sharpened her awareness of the needs of children. "The classic case is a boy who puts on a dress outside of Carnival. We've already approved that, but thanks to the training our sensitivity has grown. We are now watching if this happens more often and can respond to it. Our handling of such situations has become more unbiased. "The open dealing with issues of sexual diversity stirs some people's fears. As a "Sex Brochure" she was called by the AfD, among others. The CDU petitioned the parliament to stop the briefing as issues of sexual and gender diversity were not part of day care centers. Kita director Flindt considers this nonsense: "Children are only overwhelmed when they have no clear guidance and feel insecurity , The pedagogical practice shows that it does not harm children who are not concerned, it goes in and out. But those who are concerned feel safe. "Also worried about" manipulating "children, as stated in an online petition, Flindt points out:" I'm not going to a boy and tell him, 'Take a look' a dress! ' We only respond to what comes from the children themselves. "The Education and Science Union accused the CDU of ignoring children's rights. She denies the children the basic right to free development of their personality, said Doreen Siebernik, chairwoman of the GEW Berlin. "This clearly shows that they lack basic knowledge about the development of children at this age." Red-Red-Green wants to educate

The red-red-green coalition referred the application to the committees on Thursday – "there the CDU can again explain what exactly speaks against this document. We will then be happy to provide information, "it says in the joint statement. The Provincial Parents' Committee of the Kindertagesstätten Berlin also welcomed the brochure, the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Berlin, bearer of many day-care centers, also sent a signal and announced that it would be reprinting 1000 copies of the handout. For Simone Schmidt, the guideline primarily helps against possible speechlessness. "The children's feelings are there, but they do not always have words for it. We, as educators, help them to find words and get into conversation. "The knowledge gained through training easily slips into the background. For Edeltraud Flindt the handout is therefore a "huge treasure".


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