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Electronic Arts Acquires Titanfall Developer Respawn and Makes Visceral Dense

Friday, November 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Respawn Entertainment, developer of Titanfall and Titanfall 2, is soon to be part of Electronic Arts.
                (Picture: EA)
             US publisher Electronic Arts is changing its developer portfolio: Visceral Games closed down, Respawn Entertainment acquired. Both decisions have to do with EA's Star Wars license.


        Electronic Arts buy the developer studio Respawn Entertainment. This emerges from a press release of the US game publisher. Respawn Entertainment has made a name for itself with critically acclaimed but economically disappointing Titanfall games. These games already appeared under the banner of Publisher EA, but Respawn was independent as a studio.
The acquisition deal, due to be finalized later this year, provides for $ 151 million in respawn. With bonuses and additional payments, the sum could grow to 445 million US dollars. The development studio Visceral Games, known especially for the games of the Dead Space series, was closed a few weeks ago.
It's about Star WarsBoth decisions are independent, said EA Vice President Patrick Soderlund in an interview with Gamesbeat. There is nevertheless an overlap: in both cases, Star Wars games are the focus of attention.
Electronic Arts got Disney rights to develop Star Wars video games in 2013 – arguably the most profitable license ever. Respawn Entertainment has been working on behalf of EA for some time on a yet unknown action adventure in the Star Wars universe. The acquisition could give EA more control over the development process.
Visceral also had a war-of-the-stars game in progress, but the EA leaders were not happy with its development: The end of Visceral is directly related to the decision to stamp the Star Wars game. The title has been redesigned and is now being further developed by EA Vancouver.
Respawn Entertainment will work alongside the Star Wars adventure on another Titanfall and a yet unknown VR game.




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