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  East German tradition publishing house: The Eulenspiegel publishing house is insolvent – Berlin | Bit Updates
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East German tradition publishing house: The Eulenspiegel publishing house is insolvent – Berlin

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

It is not an eulogy, it is a "provisional bankruptcy" and the financial claim of the "Verwertungsgesellschaft word" but too serious a thing: One of the last remaining publishing institutions from GDR times, the Eulenspiegel-Verlag, is broke. In fact, the twelve-man traditional business can not pay for an unexpected account of the VG Wort. It demands a repayment of money, which the Eulenspiegel publishing house never got – in this respect the case then has something of a rogue piece. "We assume very strongly that it goes on" The controversial demand concerns the closed years ago "new Berlin publishing company ". The company was insolvent. But because the program fit, the Eulenspiegel bought rights and licenses, books and customer files to at least save that. And of all the patron saint of intellectual property, the VG Wort, now makes these claims from earlier times against the Eulenspiegel and thus plunge even these into bankruptcy, at least for the time being. "We are very strongly assume that it will continue," says Publisher Matthias Oehme. The Eulenspiegel publishing group asserts itself in its "literary-thematic section". Anyone who calls the Ostalgie, GDR nostalgia or – fairer – art and literature from the GDR era, does not just shake head shaking at Oehme. He calls the 560-page memoirs of former GDR culture official Hartmut K├Ânig a particularly good-running publishing product. "We thought that would not interest anyone," says Oehme. The opposite is the case: King reads in Munich, the book sells. Younger people show "remnants of Eastern identity" The Eulenspiegel (re) discoveries ran for some time even at the large West publisher Heine as a separate series. Certainly you have a "bigger standing in the East", says Oehme, "even though we have not had any Eastern program for a long time." Everything is the same, even though Oehme still makes up "remnants of Eastern identity" even among younger people. The eponymous satirical magazine "Eulenspiegel" belongs Incidentally, for decades no longer the same publishing group, but took other GDR book publishers under her care, such as the "New Life" and "The New Berlin". In fact, the Eulenspiegel saved their name and program. The publisher does not suspect that this could possibly endanger the existence of the Eulenspiegel – nor is it the purpose of German insolvency law, which is intended to limit damage and preserve economic value. Whether there is still salvation for the Eulenspiegel, now decide the courts.


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