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  dpa-AFX-overview: COMPANY – Important news from the New Year's Eve weekend | News | Bit Updates
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dpa-AFX-overview: COMPANY – Important news from the New Year's Eve weekend | News

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

CSU criticism of EU after Niki's sale to British Airways-MutterWIEN / BERLIN – Following the sale of the insolvent Austrian airline Niki to the British Airways parent, the CSU criticizes the competition authority in Brussels. "The EU competition bureau has dismissed a prospective buyer who was willing to pay Niki about 200 million euros, and now the airline is being sold for the ridiculous sum of 20 million euros to the British holding IAG (International Consolidated Airlines)," said the CSU finance politician Hans Michelbach.Handwerksprsident criticized diesel Vorsto VW chiefBERLIN – craft president Hans Peter Wollseifer has criticized claims of VW (Volkswagen vz) boss Matthias Mller after the expiration of diesel subsidies. "These vehicles were also sold to us with the argument that the diesel is less fuel-efficient and the fuel is more fuel-efficient, and when hundreds of thousands buy a vehicle and then the largest manufacturer for the abolition of diesel subsidies, then that's amazingly anti-customer", said Wollseifer the "Tagesspiegel" (Tuesday). German bank does not want to put even more money in modernization FRANKFURT – The Deutsche Bank does not want to increase their pace of modernization. "Every year, we invest around two billion euros to change and modernize the bank, and I do not think we could invest three billion, because that would bring about big changes," says CEO John Cryan. Newspaper "(Saturday). At the same time, he admitted: "As far as our efficiency is concerned, we did very well in some areas, but overall we have not done enough." From each euro, the bank, they keep 15 Cent result: "This is not enough, as the international comparison shows." Infineon sees takeover wave in industry relaxedFRANKFURT – The semiconductor group Infineon is not out of the rising takeover hunger in his industry from the Bring peace. "The change is in our industry the normal condition," said chief executive Reinhard Ploss "Brsen newspaper" (Saturday). He signaled that the Dax (DAX 30) company is not under pressure to adjust to possible hostile takeover attempts. Commerzbank wants to upgrade installment loan to core business FRANKFURT – Commerzbank wants to give gas after a bumpy start with installment loans under its own direction in the new year. "In the installment loan business, we are not as successful as we would like it," advised private client Michael Mandel in conversation with the news agencies dpa and dpa AFX in Frankfurt. He assumes, however, "that we will see a strong growth of new business in installment loans in 2018." Uniper is considering new power plants in GermanyDSSELDORF – The energy company Uniper is considering the construction of new power plants in Germany. "At the latest, when the last German nuclear power plant is off grid in 2022, the issue of security of supply will be a new one.We will need existing and perhaps new gas-fired power plants in Germany to compensate for the fluctuations in renewables," said Uniper CEO Klaus Schfer of "Rheinische Post "(Saturday). Apple prefers price reduction for battery replacementCUPERTINO – Apple makes the replacement of worn-out iPhone batteries already cheaper – instead of as announced at the end of January. It was initially expected to need more time, said Apple on Sunday. "The availability of some replacement batteries may be limited at the beginning," a spokesman said at the same time. Apple lowers the price of replacing battered batteries from 89 to 29 euros by the end of 2018.Study: High discounts lead to bubble on the car marketESSEN – According to the expert Ferdinand Dudenhffer, the German car market is creating a bubble because of the permanently high discounts. Especially with their diesel exchange prices, the manufacturers would have driven the discounts in 2017 to unprecedented heights, writes the director of CAR Center Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen in the December issue of his regular discount study. Forcing change in the automotive industry Renewing suppliersSTUTTGART – According to studies, change in the automotive industry will also force many suppliers to completely rethink their business model. Among other things, trends such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and car sharing will ensure that suppliers will soon have to come up with software and hardware developments, say car experts Roland Berger and Lazard. The consulting firms have analyzed about 650 companies worldwide for their "Global Automotive Supplier Study 2018". ^ Further news-One of two blocks in the nuclear power plant Gundremmingen shut down-Cuba wants to introduce mobile Internet in 2018-Greeks say free plastic bags fight Law against hatred in the network takes effect from January full-New record year: Never before was flying as safe as 2017-Bundesbank: Banks park billions in safes for fines – Chinese Post intends to start handling goods via Hannover in the summer – Gftiger growth in the credit business of the Sdwest- Savings Banks Power Grid under Pressure – Tennet Reports Record Costs for Emergency Operations – HRD President for Housing: Do not Respond to Deficiency – Germans spend billions on spirits Customer Notice: ROUNDUP: You read a summary in the company overview. There are several messages on the topic dpa-AFX Nachrichtendienst./he


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