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DolbyVision: LG releases firmware update for UHD Blu-ray player

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  DolbyVision: LG released firmware update for UHD Blu-ray players



          23.08.2017 16:54 UhrNico Jurran

    (Picture: LG)
              After LG had several appointments, the firmware update is now available, which makes the Ultra-HD Blu-ray player UP970 fit for DolbyVision.
            The wait has come to an end: LG has released the long awaited Dolby Vision firmware for its UHD Blu-ray player UP970. Originally, the update was due to be released by the end of July, then LG announced 11th August as a release date. But this event also broke – just like the one on 18 August, which was then named on the US website.
With the firmware BD37767.70811.C, the LG player can play discs with extended contrast range (High Dynamic Range) according to the dynamic HDR method. So far the player was limited to the static HDR format HDR10. Static means that the studio can set the desired image impression only once for the entire film. With DolbyVision, however, metadata is stored for scene or even picture by picture.
A suitable 4K TV is required to play Dolby Vision titles. If the player is connected to a 4K TV with HDR support, but without Dolby Vision support, an Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR video provides an image with increased contrast in the HDR10 process.
Looked clean
We tried the Dolby Vision playback on a Dolby-Vision-compatible OLED TV from LG's B7 series with matching Ultra HD Blu-rays. Both the first two parts of "Ich-einfach incorblichlich" and the US-Disc "Power Rangers" were easily recognized as Dolby-Vision-Titles and also reproduced in this way.
A feature to check on the player whether a disc is a Dolby-Vision image is, we could not find so far. The possibility offers the Oppo-Player UDP-203, which cost however a multiple of the LG device.




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