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Dolby Vision: Audio-Video-Receiver by Denon and Marantz to forward signals to Sony TVs

Friday, January 26th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

             Sound United has commented on the latest firmware discussion about Sony's Dolby Vision capable UHD TVs. The receiver manufacturer assumes that the transmission variant chosen by Sony will cause no problems with its devices.


        In the current clutter about the recently released in the US Dolby Vision update for selected Sony TVs, there is at least one direction all-clear: So Sound United now announced that the Dolby Vision-capable audio / video receiver of its brands According to current knowledge, Denon and Marantz will also be able to forward Dolby Vision signals to Sony televisions.
As a reminder: Sony uses in the transmission of Dolby Vision signals from external players such as UHD Blu-ray players or the Apple TV 4K to his TV models a different transmission mode than previous Dolby Vision TVs, such as LG and Lion.
From a technical point of view, the so-called "low latency" mode used by Sony shifts the processing of Dolby Vision data more from the TV to the player. The currently available Dolby Vision players require a firmware update for this mode. However, this seems so far only for the Apple TV 4K in range, where the mode is already part of the current tvOS beta.
According to Sound United, low-latency mode was part of the Dolby Vision specification from the beginning. In the course of the certification process, all audio / video receivers were therefore also checked and ensured that the signal forwarding in this variant also worked perfectly.



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