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Diversity Conference: Praise of the Thin-skinned – Economy

Saturday, November 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Man tends to do with a lot of effort something that he corrected with as much effort later again. Employees often get the image that they need to be thick-skinned to get a leading position. To make a career. How else could they endure delicate discussions and stress? But if they then lead their team with a hard hand, they would be sent to sensitization classes. For this reason, Valerie Holsboer, board member of the Federal Employment Agency, for a "praise to the Dünnhäutigkeit" aus. The lawyer is responsible for the areas of finance, controlling and personnel – and is the BA representative for equal opportunities in the labor market. "I tend to be leaders who are aware of their environment, have a sense for people, but at the same time are resilient, so they can handle conflicts and crises," she said. Now, where culture is changing, companies should pay more attention to job placement. "Then they do not have to fix so much later," she said on the second day of the Diversity Conference. Feminine Strengths Wanted. Diversity is all about the question of what employees want from their boss; how he or she should behave. The qualities that are mentioned – empathy, communication, motivation – are often seen as more feminine strengths. That, according to experts, is one of the reasons why more women would be leaders in the future. "But today's executives want more appreciation," said Holsboer. Afterwards, she met women who would refrain from career steps, "because they think I'm not doing this," she said. What she wants is for teams to be as mixed as possible, because it also shows people different ways of dealing with each other. Ruppy learns from the friendly, the conflict-shy from the self-conscious. "You should always make sure, how does my behavior work, what does it do to the other?", She said. "And how would my words come to me?" A sensitive leader, to come back to her call for a change of mentality, would reflect more in this form. The second topic, the lectures and discussions at the Diversity Conference on Friday certain, was dealing with people who have a migrant background. Fessum Ghirmazion from the union IG Metall presented results of a survey. The aim was to gain quantitative insights into their migrant members and how well they are integrated. One conclusion: there would be more differences between a shift worker and an employee in the office than between one employee with a migration background and one without.

He sees no headscarves, only humansThe entrepreneur Mohammadi Akhabach, who founded Lieferheld.de among other things, addressed the headscarf problem in his presentation. At his plant in Neuss, five women would work with it. One had applied to him with such a good testimony that it was hard for him to believe that she had previously only had refusals. "When I arrive in the morning, I do not see any headscarves, only people," he said. Since 2014 there would be a rest room in the company for reading, doing yoga or praying. There is only one requirement: take off your shoes first. From the point of view of the experts, such ideas would make the difference whether someone merely writes diversity in marketing brochures or really seriously. Raed Saleh, chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives, spoke of the art of "holding each other out" – even in working life. As in other areas of society, it is also important for integration into the workplace that people feel "accepted and belonging" there and that diversity becomes "normal". Many young people – even those who have fled to Germany in recent years – are still overwhelmed. Like some of their trainers. The Berlin Senate recently launched the "Show Colors" campaign. On posters, faces of refugees can be seen, who contribute heavily to German society. Below each one is what they find "typically German": one says that he can live here in freedom and peace; the other thinks first of punctuality. Over the next few days, 1,500 posters will be hung in subway and suburban train stations. For a more diverse picture of those who are first called refugees.


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