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  Disconnected Harmony Link: Logitech Replaces Universal Remote Control for Free | Bit Updates
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Disconnected Harmony Link: Logitech Replaces Universal Remote Control for Free

Sunday, November 12th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             In March 2018, Logitech will disable the universal remote control Harmony Link. Owner of the device ran in the forum storm – now Logitech wants to replace all affected devices free of charge.


        Logitech is after loud user criticism all Harmony Links, which will be shut down next March, free of charge to exchange a Harmony Hub. This writes the electronics company in a blog entry. The Harmony Hub is a more up-to-date version of the universal remote control Harmony Link, which can control not only home theater equipment but also other objects in the smart home.
Logitech will shut down the cloud service to which the Harmony Link hangs in March 2018. This makes the universal remote control unusable. Logitech justifies this step with a decaying security license, the renewal of which would not make sense economically. According to Logitech, the user base of the Harmony Link is very small.
Responding to allegations The official forums were criticized in part for violent criticism of Logitech's plans and requests for legal action were also made. Initially, Logitech only wanted to offer a free exchange to customers whose one-year warranty was still active. All other customers would have had to settle for a 35 percent discount on the Harmony Hub. Now, all owners of a Harmony Link can switch to the Harmony Hub at no extra cost. Logitech wants to contact all buyers by mail.
US media, including Bleeping Computer, had also reported Sales, where the Harmony Link had been sold a few months ago with a reduced warranty period of three months. Logitech denies these allegations. The Logitech Link was last offered for sale in autumn 2015. In Germany, the Harmony Link did not even hit the market.




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