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Disclosure book on the US President: How big is the danger for Donald Trump now? – Politics

Friday, January 5th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Since the electoral victory of Donald Trump in November 2016, so much has been written about the chaos in the government of the self-centered and politically inexperienced US president that no one in Washington expected any sweeping new insights. But a new book is like a sensation. "Fire and Fury," a work by author Michael Wolff, reveals many piquant details about everyday life in Trump's dysfunctional White House. Even before the launch next week, the political dynamism of the book broke the close partnership between Trump and his ex-chief strategist Stephen Bannon. How is Trump described in the book? Wolff reports that Trump was surprised by his success in the 2016 presidential election. The high-caliber candidate had so little confidence in his own campaign that he did not want to spend his own money on the campaign. Trump's wife, Melania, even cried when, on election night, her husband's surprise victory took shape – and not for joy. According to the 322-page book, Trump brought his neurosis to the White House. So the President feared that they wanted to poison him. This is supposed to be one of the reasons why the 71-year-old eats in McDonald's fast food restaurants. After all, nobody knew so exactly which customer would receive which Hamburger. Arriving in the White House, the new president had some wishes to the cleaning staff. "If my shirt is lying on the ground, then it is there because I want it," Trump is said to have warned the cleaning team. Lifting strictly prohibited. Even the presidential toothbrush should not touch anyone. Sometimes Trump gets into bed with a cheeseburger at half past six in the evening.How do Trump's employees see their boss? Not a few Trump advisers think the president is a jerk, if you can believe Wolff. A memo from government officials is quoted as saying Trump reads next to nothing and is "an idiot surrounded by clowns." The president was "stupid as a piece of shit". It's not just the president himself who has a reputation in the White House for not being one of the brightest. Trump's daughter Ivanka, according to the book, hopes to one day become the first American president. But presidential adviser Stephen Bannon called Ivanka "stupid as a board". Author Michael Wolff reinforces with new anecdotes the widespread impression that Trump has no great desire for government work. One of his close advisors wanted to explain to him in a kind of introductory course the American Constitution. However, Trump soon lost interest in the constitution of his country.

How credible is Michael Wolff? Immediately after the trump's unflattering stories became known, Wolff's credibility was called into question. Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused him of having invented scenes freely. The 64-year-old Wolff had been criticized in the past, because he had not always taken the truth with accuracy. However, Wolff did a lot of research. For a year and a half Wolff visited the White House again and again to collect material; He was often seen in the office of Trump's then chief strategist Bannon, according to The New York Times. Based on more than 200 interviews with Bannon, other collaborators, and Trump himself, Wolff designed his picture of a disorganized and intrigued government team. which has little plan – if there are coordinated plans.What political allegations are raised in the book? Bannon told Wolff he was awaiting investigation into Trump's family for money laundering. That is clear from the approach of Russia's special investigator Robert Mueller. This has in particular the President's son Donald Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner in the visor. The Special Investigator has been more than half a year suspicion that there was a collaboration between Trump's campaign team and Russia in attempts at manipulation during the US presidential campaign in 2016. With Bannon's comments, the allegations now take on a new dimension. In an interview with Wolff, the ex-counselor said that the meeting of Trump's son Donald Jr. with a Russian lawyer who promised incriminating evidence about Trump's rival Hillary Clinton was treason and " unpatriotic "act. Now Mueller's Donald Jr. is being prayed in, Bannon said. "You will break Don Junior like an egg." And in public.

Mueller had first brought a specialist in money laundering onto the boat when putting together his investigative team, emphasized Bannon. "This is all about money laundering." Trump's son-in-law Kushner is burdened with this topic. "The Kushner shit is greasy," Bannon said. What role does the Deutsche Bank play in the allegations? The path from Mueller's investigative team to Kushner and Trump Jr. leads through the Deutsche Bank, underlined Bannon; According to media reports, Mueller has requested documents from the German financial institution, which is said to have loaned Kushner several hundred million dollars for its real estate company. For Bannon it is clear that Mueller wants to use the money laundering charges against Kushner and Trump Jr. to obtain information about the Role of the president in the Russia affair to come. Some opposition politicians had already demanded impeachment proceedings against Trump months ago; At present, however, there is no majority in Congress for such a trial in sight. How does Trump react? In an angry statement, the President said goodbye to his advisor Bannon. He had "lost not only his job, but also his mind when he was released from the presidential office," said Trump. At the same time he downplayed Bannon's importance in the election campaign and in the government and accused him of forwarding false information to the press in order to make himself more important than he was. "Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency." Donald Trump (left) and his former chief strategist Stephen Bannon may have finally succumbed. Photo: Carlos Barria / ReutersTrump's lawyers asked Wolff and his publisher on Thursday to announce the release of the Book to stop. Trump's attorney Charles J. Harder justified this, among other things, with accusations of libel and slander. Bannon was also asked not to repeat the comments made. Wolff and his publisher were ordered to do so. The publisher was unimpressed: He moved the release date to Friday. Bannon himself initially did not respond to the lawyer's letter. He also did not deny Wolff's allegations. On Wednesday, however, Bannon said on the radio: The President is a big man. I support you day in, day out. How did Trump and Bannon break up? Bannon's comments hit Washington like a bomb because Trump's former campaign manager, despite his dismissal last August, maintained close ties to the president. The 64-year-old Bannon is the architect of the right-wing populist program that brought Trump to the White House in November 2016. Since leaving Bannon supports right-wing populist parliamentary candidates to help Trump. However, before the excitement of "Fire and Fury" but differences between Trump and Bannon had emerged. The US president blamed the ex-strategist for his Republican defeat in a December Senate senate vote in Alabama. Bannon had backed right-wing candidate Roy Moore for many because of his extreme positions and allegations of sexual assault on teens Republican, however, was unelectable. The Senate seat fell to the opposition Democrats, further reducing the already slim majority for Trump's party in the Washington congress. What does the end of the alliance between Trump and Bannon mean politically? "Fire and Fury" ends an alliance without which Trump, according to many observers, would never have come to the White House. Bannon, ex-investment banker and head of the right-wing populist website "Breitbart News", called Trump early to a candidacy. A few months before the election, Trump then made his advisor to the campaign head. In particular, in the first few months of Trump's presidency, Bannon's influence on US policy was enormous. Williams argues that many average Americans are repelled by the established policy in Washington and advocating the destruction of existing structures. In Trump, he sees the right man to put this demand into action. The at least temporary end to the collaboration is weakening the right-wing populist movement and strengthening the moderate republican establishment, whose members were delighted to see the break between Trump and Bannon President and ex-adviser will be eternally enemies, but not sure. Trump is known to be able to get along with former opponents, if it seems opportune. Despite the fierce attacks from the White House, the otherwise belligerent Bannon holds back conspicuously. According to media reports, Bannon is thinking of a presidential candidacy in 2020 if Trump does not want to start again.


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