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  Deadly accident by iPhone-deflection: court sees Apple not as complicit | Bit Updates
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Deadly accident by iPhone-deflection: court sees Apple not as complicit

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Deadly accident by iPhone-deflection: Court sees Apple not as complicit



          29.08.2017 14:17 UhrLeo Becker

            IOS 11 includes a new, optional non-disruptive mode for the car.
                (Image: Apple)
              A Californian court rejected the complaint of an American whose son died in a traffic accident. The plaintiff had, among other things, implied gross negligence because the iPhone does not protect against distraction.
            A Californian judge has rejected a lawsuit against Apple, in which the iPhone corporation was blamed for a fatal traffic accident. According to Ars Technica, the competent judge at the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, argues that the causation chain presented by the plaintiff is "far too thin", as can be seen in Apple's behavior Published provisional judgment.
Distraction by text messages at the wheel
A US American whose son died in a traffic accident had sued the iPhone group, because the casualty was allegedly distracted by text messages on his iPhone. According to the plaintiff, Apple has failed to integrate a locking mechanism that automatically prevents deflections in the car – for a corresponding technology, Apple already holds a patent.
In the explanatory memorandum, the judge refers to a previous judgment in a similar case, where the judges argued that no one is "real or potential danger" at the time of receiving messages on the iPhone. The "real danger of injury" only arises when the driver shifts his attention from the road to the smartphone and thus neglects his duty to ensure a safe guidance of the vehicle.
IOS 11 does not "interfere with driving" mode
The judge also refused to admit the allegation of gross negligence against Apple that the group had no obligation to provide protection against the applicant and therefore could not have behaved negligently.
In the US are now several such lawsuits against Apple, all of which are based on the already patented but not implemented blocking mechanism. An enhanced non-disruptive mode in iOS 11 should avoid future distractions at the control – but the function is purely optional.




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