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Cuphead: Stresstest for Reisetassen | Heise online

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Cuphead: Stresstest for Reisetassen



          23.08.2017 15:52 UhrPeter Kusenberg

              Cuphead was announced two years ago, in the end of September it should now come to the trade. The game unites in a unique design the style of old cartoons with classic sidescrollers. Now there is the whole synonymous in the co-op mode.
            The Xbox and Windows exclusive Cuphead is the opposite of a relaxed game. The title hero in the shape of a human-like coffee cup runs in this sidescroller mostly to the right, in order to reach the exit of the respective level and not die – at least not too early. At Gamescom the Studio MDHR Entertainment team presents several new levels as well as co-op mode. We were allowed to play both for about 30 minutes.
Get started
As in playing the Super Mario series, you start the levels via an interactive overview map, then you go straight to the imitation. The cup man jumps, shoots and ducks, sometimes pushes forward to avoid a fast fireball. In the second act, you perform the appropriate actions, which puts the player under enormous pressure. For when a poison-spitting fungus has been destroyed, a new fungus appears in the same place. Plantings sail from the sky, stinging balls jumping up and down, giant pollen exploding.

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The player may occasionally change his weapon, but usually he depends on his standard wilderness. The main focus is on dealing with the levels in six game worlds as well as lowering the bosses, of which there should be at least 28. When these giant carrots and beetrowns appear, one usually has a high-reacting co-worker sitting next to him on the sofa. For the second is easier, because one has the double fire power, second, the one can revive the other cup man, should he consume his three life points early. To this end, as in the case of New Super Mario Bros., he jumps into the angels visualized here as an angel in a kind of dream bubble, and it goes on in a second.
Better for two
One player usually focusses on the final boss, while the other eliminates the smaller pests that come from all sides. Then it is ducking, jumping, and dashing – so jerky, forwards – until the opponents are over. If the players or solo players succeed, the joy is great. At the end you can try the higher of the two difficulty levels or unlock a third level – exclusively for masochists. After all, you have as many lives as you want, and the score is saved automatically.

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The design looks unique, the developers were inspired by drawing films from the 1930s and 1940s, drawing all the figures and scenes with the pencil before filling the surfaces with subtle watercolors. The connoisseur grunts at cannon balls with eyes, angry kitties and bizarre animations in the style of Daffy Duck & Co.
Cuphead will be released on September 29th, 2017 for Xbox One and Windows, the purchase price is about 20 euros.




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