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c't zockt "Subnautica": Survival under water

Thursday, October 19th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

              The early-access game Subnautica is to be finished on 31 October. It abducted into the underwater world of a strange planet, combining survival and crafting with an exciting background story. c't zockt has played the almost finished title.
            We write the year 2200. The space ship Aurora is in the orbit around the unknown ocean planet 4546B. Suddenly a lightning bolt. Explosions. The ship crashes. You are running to the next rescue capsule and just manages to leave the ship. With the basic equipment of the capsule, a fabricator, a defective radio and a first-aid cabinet, you have to survive on the water planet.
The game Subnautica of the small studio "Unknown Worlds" was launched in December 2014, ie almost three years ago at Steam on the Early Access channel. Since then it has found a large fan community and received numerous improvements and extensions. As is usual with survival games, you have to eat, drink, collect material for making everything you need (and just pretty ones) and search for blueprints.
Survival with StoryDabei, Subnautica is not just a visually attractive open-world sandbox. There is an exciting background story that needs to be uncovered. The exploration of the world with the submarines is just as much fun as constructing their own underwater habitats.

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    The wreck of the Aurora – without radiation protection suit one should not approach him.

The world of Subnautica is very diverse and always surprised again after many hours of play. This is due to the multitude of underwater creatures and biospheres (landscape forms), but also to parts of the story and the mystery of the water planet that are to be discovered. Also the permanently visible wreck of the Aurora – it serves especially as a starting point for orientation – poses challenges.
Good graphics and good gameplay The player leadership is thought out and always tempting to tackle the next tasks. A PDA serves as a central element: it shows the inventory, informs about the already known building instructions, structures and creatures and keeps diary of gained background information. You can even create your own screenshot collection in the game, so you can embellish your underwater base later on. If you do not want to play in hard survival mode, you can also omit hunger and thirst or build in a creative mode without danger and explore the world of 4546B.
Some drawbacks Subnautica has in common with other survival games: Frequently you are looking for a certain building instruction, but it does not find it. Frustration is rare, however, as there are story-line camouflaged gaming aids: If you have the communicator repaired in the rescue capsule, one receives at intervals Hilufeufe from other rescue capsules including coordinates. mostly there is not much to save, but to find important information and useful things.
The graphics can be seen and holds with more expensive games. Every now and then the typical clipping effects – aquatic plants grow through the walls of the base and fish swim in the corridors – but the team at Unknown Worlds is currently working intensively on the error correction: Subnautica is to be officially finished on October 31st and leave the beta status behind.
Subnautica is available for Windows and macOS at Steam and costs 23 euros. In the Humble-Store, a Steam-Key is currently still available for 17.99 Euro. Subnautica has already surpassed the usual price increase at a start – it fell by a comparatively moderate rate of 25 percent. A version for the Xbox One is also available. Unfortunately, Subnautica has no multiplayer mode and no one is planned. There is a VR mode for the Oculus Rift and the Vive.
An impression of Subnautica is given by our c't-zockt video, in which we tried Survival and Creative mode:

        c't docks the underwater survival game "Subnautica".


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