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c't Photography Special: Master Class Travel Photography

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 | bitcoin updates

             The wanderlust drives us into the world, everyday life brings us back – we bring our memories in the form of pictures. In the new master class, you will learn how to plan photo tours in advance, so that your travel pictures become real eye-catchers.


        At the weekend a photographic excursion lures. But where to go? In the new 6th edition of the c't photography masterclass "Reisefotografie" you will find many ideas for city breakers. Several contributions take you to seven attractive cities in Germany and its neighboring countries. You get insider tips on photo hotspots, exhibitions and motivational ideas.


          Cities offer many photo opportunities. The education is not too short. Galleries and museums are increasingly exhibiting photographic art. And specialized photo shops invite you to browse.
    Our authors will pick you up for various photo tours. For example, in Vienna, get on the U1 and drive to the Danube Tower. There you can enjoy the panorama and a piece of real Viennese apple strudel and continue with the same subway line to the Prater or St. Stephen's Cathedral. In their contributions to the photo cities, they also learn which galleries prefer to see photographic art. You will also find the best views of the city or get to know specialized photo shops. Whether the Paris Photo or the Photokina, some cities attract with photo fairs, on which the manufacturers of cameras and accessories present novelties or special exhibits. And if you prefer to plan longer-term, we also give tips for regular appointments – for example, for the Munich Oktoberfest.
Have you already booked a trip to a city of your choice? Regardless of the goal, you will also find ideas for new image ideas in the current master class. What is special about your goal? What characterizes people and culture? And what time of the year should you travel to avoid roads full of tourists? Often it is enough to take pictures late in the evening or in the early morning. Take advantage of the lunch time – which is usually not suitable for taking photos outdoors – to create indoor scenes, for example in museums. Or explore districts away from the sights to find something special and genuine: what characterizes a city, but is mostly overlooked by outsiders.
The other topics of the bookletPictures. When traveling to other cultures, especially the people and their way of life are interesting. If you want to portray strangers, a polite and respectful approach is just one of many requirements for successful pictures. Travel photographer Sandra Petrowitz explains what to look for and how to make successful contacts.
Taking pictures on cruises. Oceans offer a wealth of motifs, not just on the shore. Embark on a cruise with Pavel Kaplun. The floating backdrop serves as a motif for unusual architectural photos, and the on-board shows lend themselves to concert and stage photography.


          In order to preserve your valuable travel photos, you get various tips to secure your pictures on the way – space-saving and clear.
    Photo backpack for the trip. What is more annoying than losing the picture data of his vacation photos? Before that, you can protect yourself with a daily backup of your photos. But there is no laptop in the luggage to copy your own recordings. You can also create backups with your smartphone or a battery-powered external hard drive with SD card slot. Providers in the cloud also ensure that their data is accessible from everywhere, often even free of charge. However, one should pay attention to the fine print. The conditions are very different and not every provider stores raw data. In the article Fotobackup you will find pros and cons of various providers and a table with prices and range of services.
Capture polar lights. The spectacular natural phenomenon fascinates especially landscape photographers. But the inclusion of northern lights has its pitfalls. Matthias Kühle-Weidemeier explains how the Aurora Borealis is formed, when it occurs most frequently and what photo equipment you need for taking pictures.
Tripods – light and stable. A good tripod is indispensable for many shots, but on excursions also an additional burden – such as when hiking. Our test compares tripods under two kilograms in weight and contains estimates of stability and functionality.
Challenge mountain photography. You stand on a ridge and diagonally in front of you rolls a hair dryer wave over the rugged mountain slopes into the valley: How to capture the impressive mountain panorama and weather spectacle with the camera, explains mountain photography professional Hans Sterr. Under alpine conditions, photographers have to cope with a number of problems, but with good planning, great shots are taken which chance rarely lends itself to.


          The content of the c't photography masterclass travel photography
    The special issue masterclass "Travel Photography" includes updated articles from the c't magazine for computer technology and c't digital photography. It will be available from 5 February 2018 at the kiosk. Together with the magazine DVD, which contains practical video tutorials and e-books, you can still order it free of charge until the 12th of February in the heise shop. The digital version costs 9.99 euros. They are available via the c't photography app for Android and iOS, as well as a PDF e-paper, as well as via Amazon and other popular e-book providers.




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