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Crypto Valley Association: ICO Code of Conduct

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The Swiss-based Crypto Valley Association announced yesterday the issuance of a Code of Conduct for Initial Coin Offerings. The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) is a Swiss society that sets itself on the flag. The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) is to provide guidelines for the implementation of and participation in ICOs and to provide the fundraising method with even greater stability in the canton of Zug and throughout Switzerland has written to promote the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as well as their adaptation in Switzerland. Based in the Canton of Zug, also known as Crypto Valley, the CVA, which is also supported by the government, is pursuing the goal of establishing a globally leading blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland. In the course of these efforts, yesterday's announcement is also to be seen. to issue a Code of Conduct, which is to regulate all relevant questions on the subject of Initial Coin Offering. In addition to all legal aspects, this includes moral classification and questions of security. Among other things, companies preparing an ICO are encouraged to be transparent about the entire process and to explain their intentions in an understandable way. It should be clear how the money raised by the token sale will be used and how the offered token will work in the context of the ecosystem. "Given the explosion of innovation around crypto currencies and the blockchain technology, it is not surprising that more and more companies and organizations consider the instrument of the ICOs as a source of revenue. The Crypto Valley Association wants to support this innovation in the blockchain field, "says CVA President Oliver Bussmann. Already last year, BTC-ECHO had noted Crypto Valley as one of the most innovative blockchain hubs in Europe. Between 50 and 100 blockchain start-ups are estimated to be located throughout the canton. Among the reasons for Zug's attractiveness are the low tax burden for companies, coupled with a regulatory framework that relies more on the forces of the market than on the power of the state and also refrains from exorbitant regulation of the blockchain sector. ECHO About Tobias Schmidt Tobias Schmidt has been working as an editor in the BTC-ECHO team since August 2017. He completed his studies in Politics and Economics at the University of Münster with a bachelor's degree and also worked as a student assistant during his studies. In addition, he gained professional experience in parliamentary work and strategic communication before moving to the journalistic field. Since 2017 he has devoted himself to blockchain technology, focusing in particular on the many different applications in politics, business and society. All contributions by Tobias Schmidt


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