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  Criticism of "Social Democratic" election campaign: Berlin CDU struggles over Merkel's "disastrous" election result – politics | Bit Updates
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Criticism of "Social Democratic" election campaign: Berlin CDU struggles over Merkel's "disastrous" election result – politics

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Four weeks after the Bundestag election, a dispute over the course of Parteichefin Angela Merkel broke out in the Berlin CDU. A letter from the CDU district chairman Sven Rissmann to the party headquarters in the district of Mitte is the trigger. In the letter, which reflects the day's level, the parliamentary director of the CDU parliamentary group in the House of Representatives reckons with Merkel's policy of the past years and makes the Chancellor responsible for the "disastrous" election result of the union. As a consequence of the poor performance of the unions parties, Rissmann calls for a relentless debate on the causes. The CDU and the CSU had won 32.9 percent of the vote on September 24 – far fewer votes than expected. The Berlin CDU politician also attributes this to a "completely missed election campaign" of the CDU headquarters. The Konrad-Adenauer-Haus had "fooled the voters" with colorful pictures, everything was good, we went well, "so continue so". Many people have the feeling, however, of being dependent, writes Rissmann.Rissmann: "Krassekluft" between party program and politics. In the opinion of the group leader in Merkel's refugee policy, the factional success is another important reason for the unions result. The Chancellor's previous course had been "finally deselected" at the Bundestag election. A lasting change in refugee policy is "urgently needed".

In addition, Rissmann calls for a new debate culture in the party. "For some years, the CDU has degenerated to the applause unconditionally applauding the Federal Chancellor." The CDU's policy at the federal level in recent years in some areas no longer corresponds to the principles of the party. "Government policy has become virtually social-democratic at a dangerous distance from our program and the location of a large part of our membership." If the Union wanted to build on old successes, the "crass gap" between membership and the CDU policy in the Confederation. Party congresses would finally have to be the place to discuss the great questions of the present and the future, and to formulate responses, which then, of course, bind the party leadership. "With a view to a possible Jamaican coalition he wrote that this should not lead to" that "nothing is left of the already painfully and extensively defunct CDU". Sven Rissmann, district chairman of the CDU in Berlin-Mitte (archive) .Photo: promoHeilmann: Refugee movement to Europe is not selectable

Berlins CDU CEO Monika Grütters rejected Rissmann's demands for a course correction. "The Berlin CDU is behind the course of Angela Merkel – as 80 percent of voters in the country," she said to the Tagesspiegel. In Germany, elections were won in the middle, so a reprint was misleading. "We must stick to the policy of measure and center." Rissmann is known in the provincial party for his striking criticism of Merkel's refugee policy, but is a loyal and important circle chairman, added Grütters. "Open and controversial debates belong to a lively Volksspartei, but in the matter I contradict him." Also the Berlin CDU Bundestag delegate Thomas Heilmann stood up against Rissmann. "I think the statements are neither appropriate nor helpful in their generalization," he said to the Tagesspiegel. Merkel's refugee policy had not been voted out. "Causes and tasks of the refugee movement to Europe are not at all selectable because they are the result of many conflicts in the world, which simply can not be solved with a cross in the Bundestag elections."


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