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  Crime in Berlin: The number of crimes falls at three Berlin focal points – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Crime in Berlin: The number of crimes falls at three Berlin focal points – Berlin

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Berlin's troubled children, Kottbusser Tor, Görlitzer Park and the Warsaw Bridge, are calmer. This is shown by current figures of the Senate Department. The data refer to the period from January to September inclusive for the years 2016 and 2017. At the Kottbusser Tor there were 806 property offenses this year (eg pickpocketing, bicycle theft and burglaries), 1,132 in the same period last year. Violent offenses such as robbery, sexual assault and assault dropped from 485 (2016) to 438 cases. There was an increase in trade in narcotics (BTM), including cannabis, which rose by about 70 cases to 232 cases. Also in the Görlitzer Park, the development is declining. In 2016, the police recorded 321 violent crimes, in 2017 only 251. The property crime decreased from 720 to 465 cases. Also, the drug crime has been reduced according to the data. Narcotics sales dropped from 311 (of which cannabis: 272) to 161 and 122 cases, respectively. The figures for the Warsaw Bridge are very similar, as this place was reduced in April to a barely loaded area. Nevertheless, the positive development for the Senate is not due to the reduction in area, but to the actions of the police. At the Warsaw Bridge, violent crime fell by 20 cases to 465 in the 2017 period. There were 974 property offenses in 2016 and only 642 in 2017. On the other hand, drug-related crime increased slightly from 171 to 169 cases. The police are less present at the three focal points due to falling case numbers. Not included are normal radio transmissions. Significant negative developments by fewer officials are not recognizable. "The figures in the Görlitzer Park are declining since the zero-tolerance strategy" Marianne Burkert-Eulitz (Green), on their request, the Interior Administration has communicated the numbers, the development is positive: " Because the sections have been strengthened, officials have more contact with those affected and can respond to their needs. "The coalition strategy that puts police at the center of prevention and repression is an improvement over the former Home Senator's zero-tolerance policy Frank Henkel (CDU). The FDP MP Marcel Luthe not surprise the falling numbers. "The fewer police and the more remote public on the ground, the fewer offenses are detected and the fewer ads there are." That says nothing about the local burden. The reduction of police officers is not the right way to prevent crimes. "In the Görlitzer Park, the de-escalation approach of the coalition failed, you also notice the mood of the residents. Many people are thinking about moving away, "warns Luthe." The figures in Görlitzer Park are declining since the zero-tolerance strategy, "says Burkard Dregger (CDU). "Contrary to the general opinion that the procedure was futile, it has certainly had an effect." Measures should be situation-based. "One should talk to the experts of the police, who have been dealing with the Görli for years. If the fewer missions make sense, then I'm the last person to criticize that. "Crime is still a hotspot", where crime rates are above average. I would not shut down the repressive and preventive measures, but continue. "


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