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Controversy about piracy study by the EU Commission

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             The piracy study, which has not been published by the EU Commission for many years, has sparked a controversial international debate. The industry and activists feel confirmed by different parts of the study in their beliefs.


        The results of the study commissioned by the EU Commission, but a long-term study on the effects of pirated copies, are highly differentiated by the EU Commission, the music industry and civil rights activists. A spokeswoman for the EU Commission, on the other hand, disagreed with her on the internet, reassured her that the Commission "did not deliberately conceal". The study had now been sent to Julia Reda, the European Commissioner, by mail, since full online access to the document required some processing time. Reda had previously publicized the study on the "Estimation of Displacement Effects of Copyrighted Content in the EU".
In addition, the study "nowhere" calls into question the repression effect of robbery, the spokesperson added: "The most relevant results of the study are based on the example of the top 100 blockbuster films in six countries almost half (40 per cent) of the illegally watched films had generated legitimate sales, the illegal content would not have been online. " The other results of the study were "not statistically significant".


          The main findings of the study are different repression effects for different content industries.
    Julia Reda responded to this statement by stating that statistical insignificance merely means that the probability of a result is too small to draw conclusions from it. The Commission can not infer that these results are not relevant and, at the same time, "pick out only the cherries" that fit their narrative. Reda referred to a cartoon by xkcd for further comprehension of the significance question.
The FIMI, on the other hand, interprets the study similar to the Commission: the figures obtained, with the exception of the film industry, did not give any information on the effect of robbery. The Netopia portal, run by various federations of the content industry, such as the Motion Picture Association and the European Publishers Council, misses a peer review and considers the study to be inadequate, for example, by dealing only with the sales figures between 2009 and 2013. However, this narrow time window does not capture the great impact that robbery had originally exerted on the music industry since 1999.
TheTrichordist, a portal that employs "artists for an ethical and sustainable Internet," considers the study misleading for similar reasons. The findings of the study that total copyrights have no negative effect on sales in the music industry are blinding the massive price decline caused by robbery, which forces musicians to offer their works in licensed environments almost at a zero price.
Studies as argumentsThe Danish magazine Techstart as well as the US portals Gizmodo and Techdirt emphasize, however, that the Commission had paid 369.871 euros for the study from public funds to the Dutch consulting firm Ecorys. Techdirt points out that the absence of large-scale studies has so far made it difficult for the copyright industry to demand tightening counter-measures.
The European Digital Rights (EDRI) body is of the opinion that the Commission has deliberately suppressed the publication of the study because, in a scientific essay published by two Commission officials in 2016, it cited only the findings of the study which supported its policy, Ecorys study did not cite. The study found a significant displacement rate only in the area of ​​films and series. According to EDRI, EDRI points out that the respondents consider the prices to be too high. Similarly, illegal downloads with a reasonable price policy could be prevented.





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