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  Conchita on Austria's shift to the right: "We will not be quiet" – Queer – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Conchita on Austria's shift to the right: "We will not be quiet" – Queer – Berlin

Saturday, November 4th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Conchita, you perform in the Berlin Philharmonic. Have you ever attended a concert there? Unfortunately not. But I'm a fan of the classic. My respect for her is huge, she is the cradle of music, especially as far as singing is concerned. I admire the technique of classically trained singers who can fill a whole room without a microphone. If I'm allowed to play with an orchestra myself, I'll say it first during the rehearsals: I'm sorry, I'm just a pop singer, but I'm trying to somehow get on her level. Normally, you band with a band. What are the differences? With the band everything is unfrisierter, unrestrained. You can also improvise. The concert day is also much looser, we joke around at the sound check. When performing with orchestra everything is finer tuned and stately. As soon as I get up, I feel like the Empress and start the day with a certain elegance (laughs). During your last concert in Berlin, you told many anecdotes between the songs and even went to the audience to answer questions. Do you have that in the Philharmonic, too? Yes, that's one of my concerts. I enjoy that. Although I hate it myself, when I sit in the audience and someone comes from the stage. Maybe that's why I enjoy it that way. Besides, I really like to talk about myself. You probably also have crossovers in the program. Definitely. I do not have that many songs of my own. Only one album. Which has meanwhile little to do with me. It was recorded between appointments. The songs are not mine except for "Rise Like A Phoenix", not even emotionally. I do not want to blame the album, but by a long way, it was mainly a working off of the expectations of others. Sure, some songs would have been real hits if I had not sung them. "Firestorm" would have gone through the roof if a Kylie Minogue sang it. They are currently working on a new album to be released this summer. What are you doing differently this time? This time only two people are involved in the creation process. Nobody else will hear the album before it's done. I'm not good at saying no, but I learned it and listen to my gut feeling again. When I said back then that I want to be a bearded woman, everyone thought that was nonsense. But I was right. And that's why it's important that the big decisions come from me. Even if not a single hit on the new album, it will be songs that I can feel and make me cry.
You once said that you get bored quickly. Now you have been playing the fictional character Conchita for a long time, you have meanwhile lost the surname Wurst. But how do you make it that you do not get bored? I have found ways in this figure to keep them exciting for me. It amuses me how many people are concerned about not wearing high shoes or big robes anymore. I've already said that Conchita will eventually come to an end, because I also want to develop in other directions. The excitement was huge, and I did not mention a date. Of course I'll make an album and want to go on tour with it.

Their program is called "From Vienna With Love". If one thinks of Austria at the moment, love is not so far away. Your country will probably get a governing coalition of the conservative ÖVP and the right-wing populist FPÖ. How do you feel about this perspective? It's so hard to moan. We live in a democracy, hopefully we all voted and that's just the result. Of course I can get upset and throw myself on the floor, crying. What we also have to learn these days is that conservative is not synonymous with Nazi. With the FPÖ leader HC Strache but now a man with very radical views sitting at the cabinet table. One who has also spoken out against the fact that you represent Austria at the ESC. Yes, there is quite a bit beyond the term conservative. Do you feel as a member of the queer community not a little unsure? Yes, but do not worry. It is not a nice feeling, but one that also causes stress, because one wonders what they could do. If it goes in a completely wrong direction, but I have no inhibitions to go on the road and to be "a pain in the ass". If necessary, I will make a strong commitment to the community. We will not be quiet. Fortunately, there are enough people who think in a similar way to me. Sebastian Short, the previous Secretary of State and probably incoming Chancellor, is less homo-friendly, he's against marriage for everyone. That's funny, considering his tweets from before a few years ago. At the time, he wrote that the election results showed that a policy based on exclusion, discrimination and hatred can not work. Oh girl, someone probably got a good fee …

They both belong to one generation, but represent two very different sides of Austria. Actually, we also had the same job. How do you mean? Well, if I was not a Foreign Minister, I do not know. After all, I represented this country as he did and still do. Of course I'm privileged as an artist and can say more than a politician. What would you want as a colleague of your future government? Partly the election campaign was like very bad entertainment television. The arguments lied, the actors uncharismatic. There are so many contradictions and so much double standards that it is hard to take these people seriously. But many do. I know! And I wonder why they do not want to look back in history. Then they would understand that certain things are going wrong. My grandma is different. She called me to vote and asked, "Thomas, what's the point of doing black and blue?" And my no: "The cost". She is right: we have had a black-blue government and pay off their crap. There are gays and lesbians everywhere in Europe, where the arguments of the right are caught, for example when they are suggested to be used allegedly homophobic immigrants. That on the backs of minorities election campaign is made lastklassig and bottomless. But people from the LGBTQI community who vote for these parties have one on the waffle for me. They did not understand anything. Of course, sexual orientation does not shape the character. But those who are interested in living a peaceful, equal life should listen more carefully, read between the lines and start to think for themselves. If you've ever thought about political content for your lyrics, if things go in a direction that gives me the impression that I have to cry out, that will happen. But in the end, I'm very egocentric and sing the songs because I want them to feel on stage. Currently I am very focused on myself. I forgave that.Concerts: Philharmonie Berlin 7.11., Laeiszhalle Hamburg, 8.11., Both 8 pm


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