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Common cause: That comfort can grow – Berlin

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Actually, it is quite nice in the community accommodation for refugees in Pankow. The six-storey building is located in Treskowstra├če, a quiet area with a little industry. Bicycles and motorbikes are sold in the hall opposite, and the tram is a few hundred meters away. For exactly one year now, about 500 refugees have been living there with a lead exhibition. The house differs significantly from the often provisional emergency accommodation, which has often been hastily arranged in other vacant buildings in the last two years: this house is intended for long-term stays, there are kitchens and enough bathrooms. Previously, the building has been empty for years. The Union aid facility, which runs the accommodation, has designed the building together with the landlord for this purpose, and has given it a solid foundation. "We have done a bit already, but we still have quite a bit of work to do," says Frank Ziegler, head of the accommodation, as he steps outside the common rooms on the ground floor. The residents built the seats themselves. At the back of the house, there is a cobblestone path, lined with a railing. On the left are inviting wooden furniture from Europaletten. They look stable and friendly, between the benches of light wood are raised beds, from which the green sprouts. Here somebody has tried to create a cozy atmosphere on the formerly bare terraced path. The residents built the seats themselves, the material got them donated. There are further plans for the action day on 8 September. "At least one more seat is to be created here," says volunteer coordinator Ralf Gottschalk. In addition, the existing benches should be sanded and glazed. "They are supposed to go out for the winter," says Gottschalk. "There are also new beds to be created" A shopping cart full of plants stands next to a begining of a raised bed. The red flowers of a single plant glow in a corner, otherwise the bed is empty. "There are also plans for new beds," explains Gottschalk. Further back are already stacked packings with flower ground and boards. "Everything has to be done a bit nicely," says Heimleiter Ziegler.

A boy in the dragon costume runs along the path, the nine-year-old Fuad drives on inliners. "There's the playground in the back," he says, pointing in the direction. There is a swing and two table tennis tables, but in spite of the colorful floor slabs, it still looks quite sparse. "So that the children have something to grasp and build." "Here is a sandbox to be built, that is project two", says Ziegler. "The crate has been ordered, the sand too: six tons are needed. They will be poured up in a few days in front of the house, "he says, looking half troubled, half amused. The sandbox is said to be three by four meters tall, he says proudly. "For the children to have something to grasp and build." The Pankow community accommodation is considered to be particularly family-friendly: For the children there is child care in the afternoons, so that the parents can attend the language and integration courses or work. "The apartments are ideal for families with up to four people," says Ziegler. 15 square meters per inhabitantEtwa half of the nearly 500 apartments inhabit families, the other half single travelers. 15 square meters are available to each resident on average. Most are refugees from Syria or come from Afghanistan or Iraq. There are language courses, a bike workshop in which they repair their bikes themselves, the sewing workshop, the sewing work done, there are asylum prosecutors who help with the bureaucracy, application coaching and much more.Urban Gardening as motivation "Urban Gardening motivated the people make it nice here and feel at home, "says Ziegler. Also, Fuad is curious about the day of the action and looks at the plants in the shopping cart. Yamen Alhaggar is also sitting next to him. "The day I have now written down," he says. Beside him, twelve inhabitants have reported so far, "as a matter of experience, most of them come to the conclusion that they can go spontaneously," says Gottschalk. In addition there are still twelve volunteers from the German Association and the Federal Network of Citizenship.Go cooks with herbs from the own gardenThere is also a cooking action, which is project three for the day. Some residents then buy food and prepare food, where volunteers and residents can be exchanged in the evening. Herbs are naturally cooked with their herbs.


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