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Commerzbank – Only a matter of time?

Thursday, November 30th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The buyers sent yesterday for a long time to make an attempt to end the range of the last few days, they had then but still added small. The Dax yesterday should above 13,075 points have odds of 13,120 and 13,200 points. In the upper resistance area, however, threatened increased sales interest. So much for yesterday's plan, which the index implemented cleanly, though not fully tradable. Those who acted purely intraday could only participate in the sell-off shortly before the close of trading. The buying wave in the direction of 13,200 points was almost completely processed by the opening gap in the morning.Everything back on top? With yesterday just before the end of trading emerging weakness in the Dax, the index is again in the middle of its current range for days. With yesterday's failure, however, prices could continue to fall towards 13,000 and even 12,900 points today (including stopfishes). At the local support temporary counter-reactions would be possible. This does not exclude a purchase wave in the direction of 13,100 / 200 points. On the other hand, a range would not be a range if it were not too "bitchy" at times. For example, in terms of the current chart picture, a direct counter-attack towards 13,200 points and an outbreak in today's trade would be considered such an (untypical) move. SupportsResistors130001321012920 / 001352512840/00 Download the market before nine PDF here.TypeWKNBase / COLDMoney / LetterMini LongCY9LUN12499 / 12590Open End5.55 / 5.56Mini ShortCQ01ZN13866 / 13780Open End8.25 / 8.26
Buyers in the Commerzbank share had to contend with the resistance around 12,41 EUR in November. Will the outbreak succeed in December? In the wake of the financial crisis, the banking system had to endure one or two shocks. In sum, you have this with a few injuries, but put away relatively well. The end of the world did not take place, even though we are still confronted with the effects today (low interest rates). The Commerzbank share did not fare as well as the entire sector. Shortly before the crisis, it was traded at prices in excess of EUR 200. Of these are currently just about 12 euros left. In the low, the price on Xetra even stood at EUR 5.15, which represents a total loss for someone who went high. This shows once again that the stock market is an unsafe place, where even the largest companies in the world Dax can meet. Fortunately, the price has been able to move north again in the past few months and is now quoted at 12 euros. Although this is still extremely far from old highs, but at least better than new lows.Mittelfristig before some hurdles! Short term in the uptrend, the buyers are currently in the process of breaking the resistance at 12.41 EUR. If this succeeds, further gains in the next few days would be possible at 13 EUR, 13.50 EUR and 14.50 EUR. However, the stock would then continue to penetrate into a longer-term resistance range, so that on the way up again with intervening corrections can be expected. At the same time, investors should be aware of the resistance and accordingly must also look out for possible top formations. If the current breakout attempt fails and the prices fall below EUR 11.87 at the end of the day, a test of support of EUR 11 should be scheduled. From there you could venture a new start up. If this does not succeed, a relapse towards 10 EUR would be possible. LongShortBasisCommercial BankCommerzbankTypeMini LongMini ShortWKNCY9P2LCY4HH4Basic price in EUR10.541513.1553Stop Loss in EUR10.9312.68Related Ratio1.01.0LooseOpen EndOpen EndHebel7.4911.34Fund / Letter1.58 / 1.621.03 / 1.07
In Osram, the buyers are just about to break the medium-term resistance range up to 73.51 EUR up. Who acts in the stock market, who speculates and who wants to be successful, must sometimes have nerves of steel. This was felt by traders and investors on 7 November in Osram. The evening before, Osram reported on the past quarter and gave a cautious outlook on 2018. This promptly led to massive price losses on the following trading day – at least in the opening phase. In the morning after the numbers showed a downward gap of about 4%. However, following this bearish opening, things turned out differently than expected. The downward gulp was not the starting point of a major sell-off, but a second chance to plug into the stock. Prices rallied that same day to just under 70 EUR, which showed one of the largest, possibly even the largest, day candle in the history of the stock. It is pleasing from the perspective of the cops that this intraday rally did not represent a fluke. The prices then tested the resistance range at EUR 71.76-73.51 and are currently preparing to break this hurdle.Osram before a mid-term bullish signal? Who lost his nerve in Osram on November 7 and / or his stop too tight, now looks a possible medium-term bullish signal in the stock afterwards. If the sustained eruption over the resistance range up to EUR 73.51 succeeds in the next few days, further rises in the direction of EUR 80-85 would be possible. What traders and investors in the resistance environment no longer want to see is a top education. With such a price could briefly come under pressure again in the short term and test, for example, the upward trend line in the range of 66.50 EUR. Against this backdrop, yesterday's development should also be watched with eagerness. A quick counterattack would be important from a buyer's point of view. LongShortBasisOsramOsramTypMini LongMini ShortWKNCQ1GCPCY4LX6Basisprice in EUR62.538481.2748Stop Loss in EUR65.0078.40Relationships0.10.1RunningOpen EndOpen EndHebel9.086.03Geld / Brief0.75 / 0.771.13 / 1.15
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