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  Column: So it's running: A homeless man and his run – Sport | Bit Updates
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Column: So it's running: A homeless man and his run – Sport

Thursday, October 5th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

You know me. I'm not one of those running experts who preach how you get even faster than the three hours at the marathon. And you will never find a diet plan in this column as you will lose 20 kilograms as quickly as possible. Even today there should be place for a small story, a meeting that motivates. It is these little moments that drive me over and over again. From which I gain strength for the next run.One jobbt as a service force in a Cologne restaurant. Aniss is runner, and he works hard for the win. At the Cologne Marathon, he improved by 13 minutes a few days ago and I know he has done a lot of wrong. As long as I know Aniss and I always exchange briefly with him about running, so I know Sascha. He serves the classic stereotype of a homeless man. Fearfully thin, even so that the leathery leather jacket from the shoulders almost falls off. He sells the homelessness, and often he is expelled. You look at the junkie, and he does not make a secret of it. "I've just gotten rid of the back tooth. With a toothpick. The thing had to go out. I had a taste in my mouth, as if I had eaten too much cabbage. Do you know the taste? "Sascha asked me. "I have an appointment as a chef. Since I can not stink. And I have to take a shower. And need new socks. Can you lend me 15 euros, Mike? "He made me feel better than after a lot of marathons. I remembered the times when I did not run. When I was not running. When I was fat and maybe did not have a good charisma. At that time, dear people were there for me. And now I could give something back. In the form of 15 euros. "We're making a deal, Sascha. I'll give you the money. On Friday at 2 pm we meet here. And you give it back to me. Only then will I buy you the newspaper in the future, "I said. "Deal. I'm here Friday, "he said. Sasha gave me his very impotent hand. "Tell me," Sasha's colleagues have borrowed money from Sasha. He did not give it back, Mike. "I was grateful to Aniss. For his gesture and for his reference. And yet there was peace in me. A strange kind of trust in the heart. Two days later, at 2 o'clock, Sascha stood in front of the restaurant. He beamed. He had not got the job. But he pushed me the 15 euros in the hand. "I took a step. By the way, I went to the meeting, Mike. I made a start. "With that, he made me feel better than after a lot of marathons. Inwardly I cheered. And I showed Sasha how proud I was of him. Each of us has the opportunity to give others the opportunity to move. Let us use them. This is how it works.Mike Kleiß runs a communication and brand agency in Cologne and writes about every Thursday.


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