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  Coal mining in the Rhineland: Klimacamp has begun – kick-off for large-scale protests | Bit Updates
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Coal mining in the Rhineland: Klimacamp has begun – kick-off for large-scale protests

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Coal mining in the Rhineland: Klimacamp has begun – kick-off for large-scale protests



          18.08.2017 11:52 UhrKristina Beer

    (Picture: Klimacamp)
              Thousands of people are expected to attend the Klimacamp in the Rhineland. There should be educational events and protests. The police announce a consistent prosecution.
            With the start of a "Klimacamp" on Friday a comprehensive protest against the brown coal mining in the Rhineland began. He could be one of the largest in North Rhine-Westphalia. Up to 6000 participants are expected to arrive gradually on a field in Erkelenz at the opencast mine Garzweiler. According to an educational program on topics such as climate, food and migration in the first days, protest actions will be held from 24 to 29 August.
"We will cross borders, violate laws, but we will deal with each other carefully and do not endanger human lives," said a spokeswoman for the Klimampamp. The individual groups would have different forms of protest.
Solidarity among organizations
Many different organizations are expected to attend the protest. Among other things, the action alliance "Ende Gelände" will also be on site. In addition, many environmental associations and organizations have assured their support and issued a solidarity declaration on the planned protests. These include 350.org, Bayernallianz, Alliance for Nuclear Expulsion Regensburg, Federation for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND), BUNDjugend, Bundeskoordination Internationalismus, Bürgerbegehren Climate Protection, Campact, INKOTA, Conceptual New Economy, Naturefriends of Germany, Oxfam, PowerShift, Robin Wood, Umweltinstitut Munich and Urgewald.

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The statement states that "more and more people are becoming part of a global movement for climate justice [verstehen]." They consider it wrong "that few people benefit from the prosperity generated with the help of fossil energies, but many more people suffer from the effects of climate change caused by their emissions." "Shocking at the politics of looking away and the existential threat to millions of people around the world through climate change." A rapid withdrawal from coal in Germany is "one of the preconditions for global warming to be limited to well below two degrees or 1.5 degrees, as the world community has defined with the Paris agreement."
Civil disobedience
"End Terrain" is based on civil disobedience, but excludes the destruction of infrastructure and a threat to people through actions. However, civilian disobedience proved to be particularly helpful in the anti-nuclear protests: "Thus, without the – even disobedient – resistance to nuclear power, there would be no nuclear phase-out." The supporting organizations "can understand the threatening climate disaster, if now people are forced to civil disobedience against the coal mining" and therefore declare "solidarity with all people in their peaceful protest against the coal".
At the same time, the Aachen police announced a consistent prosecution. It does not rule out the possibility of violent protests, and is supported by the forces from North Rhine-Westphalia. Between "End Terrain" and the police there is now a strike exchange in the social networks. In addition, Klimacamp points out that a "legal team" supports people who are confronted with legal disputes after the actions.
Exit from climate treaty "global setback"
Global climate change is increasingly placed on the political agenda. As one of the most recent climate change deniers, the current US President Donald Trump presents himself. On the one hand, he announced the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Protection Agreement. On the other hand, it is designed to suppress research on climate change and critical statements on fossil fuels and pollution. Even China – the country with the world's largest CO2 emissions at the moment – said the withdrawal of the US from the climate treaty as a "global setback".
Recently, the US climate surveyor NOAA had published a report on the year 2016. According to this, it was not only the third hottest year in the world and the warmest since the start of the 137 years ago, but also had the highest sea level and the fastest CO2- Growth. On a global average, the CO2 concentration was 402.9 particles per million particles (ppm), which is above the 400 mark for the first time in a year.
In November, action alliances are also to be publicly protested for the rapid withdrawal from the coal – the occasion is the world climate summit of the United Nations in Bonn.


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