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Chrome Adfilter: Google wants to use ad blockers from February

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Photo: Coalition for better Ads)
             Google plans to implement its announcement this coming February, filtering in its web browser Chrome advertising. In the advertising industry, this causes a stomach ache.


        Google wants to start its already announced Chrome Adfilter in the spring of 2018. Now the group has published the timetable: As of February 15, 2018 advertising should be filtered in Chrome – initially, but only in the US and in Europe. For website operators in these markets, this means that they have to free their offers from unacceptable forms of advertising such as pop-ups or autoplay videos by January in order to avoid risking loss of revenue.
All or nothing Unlike established Adblocker, Google does not want to compile a list of tens of thousands of very specific filtering rules, but relies on a centralized concept. Google itself records which advertising a website delivers and alerts in case of violations of the website operator.
If the corresponding advertisement is not removed within a certain period of time, the operator risks that in the future Google will block not only the particularly disturbing forms of advertising but also all recognized forms of advertising. Also, advertising that comes from Google's own advertising services, should be blocked by the Chrome Adfilter, as soon as a website lands once on Google's blacklist.
Abdominal Pain in the Advertising IndustryThis "all-or-nothing" strategy has been a source of concern in the advertising industry. Although Google had previously obtained the support of last year's Coalition for Better Ads and the organization had the creation of new quality standards, feared other market participants, to be over-promoted by the advertising giant Google. Therefore, several organizations called for organizational reorganization of the Coalition for Better Ads in October.
In this question, apparently, a first sustainable compromise was found. The advertising association Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe has now announced a new "Better Ads Experience Program". Here, publishers should first be able to get certified for free that they comply with the requirements of the Coalition for Better Ads. Further details on the concrete implementation will be announced in January.
Waiting optimism "We welcome the fact that Google is largely committed to the collectively driven standards," said Thomas Duhr, vice president of the Federal Association Digital Economy. While not everyone in the advertising industry is convinced of Google's initiative, they have now decided collectively to take the step.
"Among BVDW members, the uncertainty is not quite as great as the association already has high quality standards," said Duhr in an interview with heise online. The association hopes that the Google Adfilter will not remain a single initiative Google, but will join other browser manufacturers.
The Desire of Publishers and Advertising Service Providers: Certification by the Better Ads Experience Program should be enough to put the participants on a whitelist to protect against adblocking. In this way, the financing of the open web should be ensured. According to Duhr, Microsoft and the Mozilla Foundation have already shown interest in the initiative.




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