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Christmas in space: astronaut with Christmas tree on the way to the ISS

Sunday, December 17th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: NASA)
             The Christmas tree is catered for in space. There should also be gifts for the crew of the International Space Station. Shortly before Christmas, three spacemen reinforce the team on the ISS.


        Celebrating weightlessness: A Russian, an American and a Japanese left for the International Space Station ISS shortly before Christmas. The Soyuz rocket with cosmonaut Anton Schkaplerow and astronauts Scott Tingle and Norishige Kanai started on Sunday as scheduled from the Russian spaceport Baikonur in Kazakhstan, as the space agency Roskosmos announced. After two days of flying time, the spacecraft "Soyuz MS-07" is docked on Tuesday at the ISS.
The rocket launch had been reportedly preferred by the US authority Nasa for Christmas by a few days. If one of the astronauts had a health problem, by the way, a German would have stood by as a substitute: Alexander Gerst. The astronaut from Künzelsau in Baden-Württemberg is scheduled to leave for his second ISS mission next year and this time was part of the three-man replacement team.
Merry goods in the openThe ISS will be taken care of for the upcoming festive season. "There is a fir-tree on the station," Schkaplerow told the agency Interfax before the start. Another tree is traveling with a US space transporter. The freighter of the type Dragon should reach the ISS later on Sunday. In addition, a Russian Progress freighter was soon to bring gifts from relatives and from Roscosmos to the outposts of humanity, Schkaplerow said.
For the international team on the ISS, the upcoming festivals have different meanings. For Western astronauts, Christmas is the beginning of December 25, and Russian colleagues celebrate Orthodox Christmas only two weeks later on January 7. All together celebrate New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve. This is always triggered on the ISS, when in the home country of the team colleagues is just midnight, said Schkaplerow.
In addition to several celebrations awaits the newcomers in the flying laboratory but above all: a lot of work. More than 250 experiments were on the program, including biological, technical and medical, Roscosmos and NASA said. In addition, at the beginning of 2018 several outdoor missions are planned in different cast. Only on Thursday three spacemen had returned from the ISS. At present, the Russian Alexander Misurkin and the US astronauts Mark Vande Hei and Joseph Acaba are in action in space.
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