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Celebgate: third man for illegal access to celebrity iCloud accounts

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Celebgate: Third man charged with illegal access to celebrity iCloud accounts



          24.10.2017 14:49 UhrLeo Becker

              A 32-year-old American wants to plead guilty to have phishing access to over 550 iCloud and Gmail accounts. The spread of nude photos could not be proved to him.
            The Celebgate case has led to another accusation: A 32-year-old US American from Chicago wants to make a debrief on the phishing of illegal access to more than 550 iCloud and Gmail user accounts, including several Accounts of celebrities. This was reported by the Los Angeles Attorney's Office. It is the now third person who is being prosecuted in the matter.
As with the two previous defendants, however, the man could not be shown a connection to the publication of the photos. The investigators could not prove that the accused had "shared or uploaded the information obtained through access," the prosecutor said.
Up to five years imprisonment possible
The man is threatened theoretically up to five years of imprisonment, but in view of a "plea deal" the sentence is likely to be significantly lower. The two previously identified perpetrators who also found themselves guilty of unauthorized access to the Apple and Google accounts were sentenced to 9 and 18 months' imprisonment.

            The actress Kirsten Dunst "thanked" after the attack at Apple's iCloud.

Three years ago, unknown people had published numerous nude pictures of celebrities – including actresses Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton.
Because of the many known victims, the "Celebgate" and "The Fapping" baptized action received considerable attention and initially raised the question whether a security breach at iCloud made the reason illegal access to iPhone backups. Apple vehemently rejected this.
Apple: No iCloud security holes
Only afterwards, the iPhone manufacturer expanded the protection of the two-factor authentication, which since then also covered iCloud backups: Before these can be downloaded on a new device, in addition to user name and password, first enter a security code. Two-factor authentication is still an optional safeguard. Many of the published nude pictures were then apparently taken out of the automatically executed iCloud backups, probably also common forensics software was used.
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