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Cake Wallet: Monero's Open Source iOS Wallet | BTC-ECHO

Sunday, February 4th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Read article: Monero is far behind other cryptocurrencies when it comes to wallets. A big step is therefore the mobile Wallet, Cake Wallet, which has found its way into the iOS AppStore. A few days ago, an iOS wallet was announced on Reddit / r / Monero. The developers asked the community at the same time for important features. It was unanimously requested to publish the code so that it could be checked for security. In fact, the developers agreed to open the code for review. The review process has already started. When the first estimates arrive, you should not transfer any significant sums to the mobile wallet. If you want, you can play with smaller amounts and test the software. But you should always be careful when dealing with the wallet, because even if the code available on GitHub has no bugs, there is no guarantee that this code will be the same one that uses the app in the Apple AppStore. Cake Wallet is free and funded like all projects in the Monero community, about donations. The Cake Wallet Design This slideshow needs JavaScript. The GUI is, as so often at Apple, on pretty trimmed. Cake Wallet is a Light Weight Client, a wallet that does not store the entire blockchain. This would occupy a relatively large amount of space for a mobile phone. You connect the wallet to a remote node to access the blockchain. This is a trade-off between usability and security because the remote node can see the IP address of the user. With the upcoming Kovri update, this attack vector is eliminated. Until now, integrating Monero into existing wallets has been difficult. Various providers (Ledger, Coinomi …) have been working on a Monero integration for quite some time, but so far neither a hardware wallet nor a mobile wallet was available.BTC-ECHOAbout Alexander RoosAlexander Roos joined the BTC-ECHO team at the beginning of 2018 encountered. He has a BSc in Management, Philosophy & Economics from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and has written his bachelor thesis on "The Applications and Adaptation of Blockchain Technology". In decentralized cryptocurrencies, Alex sees the reinvention of money through the open market. His focus is on market principles applied in blockchain projects and privacy coins. All posts by Alexander Roos


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