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Buying and Buying Securities: Tips for Beginners

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Important Tips for Your Success in Securities and Stock Purchase Only about four percent of Germans invest in securities such as shares, funds or certificates. The purchase of shares is among the most important investments. Before you buy shares as an investor and become active on the stock exchange, you should be thoroughly informed. The most important tips for your success in securities and equity buying. Where should I pay attention as a beginner in the trading of securities and how can I invest my money so that it increases? This question presents itself to anyone who has something on the high edge and wants more than the muckige interest on the Girokonto.ktien promises long-term high returns. Historically, the purchase of securities is a lucrative thing. Investors who had invested in the DAX for over 20 years (between 1996 and 2015) were able to pay a return of more than 20% per year in ten out of twenty years. However, the DAX also lost more than 20% in three of twenty years. On average, the annual yield on the DAX was 8.1 percent per year, despite the fact that there was sometimes a sharp up and down. Securities buy and sell securities: Investors who want to buy and sell securities such as shares, funds, certificates or warrants need Initially a custodian bank, through which they can trade their securities. A deposit can be opened quite easily with a house bank or with an online broker. This is the first of our most important tips for the trading of securities, the opening of a securities deposit with a low-priced broker.1. To buy stocks and also to trade other securities, you first need a securities or stock exchange. This can either be opened at a bank or one of the often cheaper online brokers. In your securities account, the purchased shares, funds and certificates are then kept and managed. Hardly to believe, but many banks still charge fees regardless of whether or not you are an investor at all. Not infrequently, these management / account management costs are € 30 per year. You can avoid these costs! Selected providers and online brokers offer the account / deposit management completely free of charge. Important to know: For your orders, ie for the purchase and sale of shares and other securities, different fees are charged. In addition to exchange fees, which depend on the chosen trading place (Börse Frankfurt, Börse Stuttgart, …), your custodian bank charges also charge for each order, the so-called order commission. As a rule, securities investors pay a fixed commission for each order (for example, EUR 7.95) as well as a volume-dependent commission. A high volume order, e.g. Over 10,000 euros, thus costing more than a 2,000 Euro order. Especially this volume-dependent order commission offers a quick increase in the volume of orders from most banks and brokers to between € 20 and € 70 per order. Tip: Choose a vendor with free account management for your securities transactions, Buy or sell certificates or funds with low order commissions! Nowadays, you can set up free-of-charge securities accounts with many brokers. Some custodian banks offer securities trading even to a fixed order commission of only a few euros, ie without volume-dependent fees. It does not matter to you whether you want to buy securities worth only 500 euros or maybe even a trade worth 50,000 euros. Compare the conditions of the most popular brokers in our broker comparison. Read more: »Open Online Deposit: How to open a securities deposit2. Defining the investment objective – before you buy the first share Have you opened your portfolio? Then define your investment objectives – before the first share purchase! Tip: First answer the following questions: How much money is available for the securities trading? Begin with small amounts and stock purchases as a beginner. On the stock market, you should only invest capital that you do not need in the short term. If the markets go in the wrong direction, you do not have to sell at a loss, because perhaps an expensive car repair is due. The securities trading on credit is just taboo for beginners and at most suitable for long-term experienced investors.What risk are you willing to go in? Determine the risk you are willing to commit. Whoever is trading and investing in equities must also expect to see a sudden drop in prices. Stock prices often fluctuate strongly, so that from 10,000 euros within a few weeks or months not only 12,000 euros but also sometimes 8,000 euros can be. As a rule, the higher the chance of a security, the greater the risk. How much money do you expect from your investments? Determine the yield you want to achieve with your stock market invest- ments in the X period. Set to long-term, not to short-term return! In a securities deposit, yield ratios ranging from five to ten percent per year are realistic. Consider: Most investors fail on the stock market because they want too much too fast and buy risky stocks, for example. Investors' legends of the rank of a Warren Buffett do not rely on fast returns on securities trading, but on good companies. In the long run, the success usually comes by itself. Create a securities account. If you have answered the above questions, you can dedicate yourself to the basic composition of your securities portfolio. Tip: In the long term, those who pursue a smart investment strategy are successful on the stock exchange. Which securities investors should buy depends on the risk adjustment. While security-oriented investors are more likely to use securities such as bonds or mixed funds, investors with a higher degree of risk are often placed on equity funds and individual stocks. Depending on the investment type, newcomers should invest in growth, value shares or a mixture of them when purchasing shares. Your risk is minimized for successful shareholders, especially through diversification: Experienced investors do not put everything on a card. Instead, you buy shares from several companies from different sectors. This way, any losses of individual shares can be offset by gains from other securities investments. Investments in companies that are active in growth markets (so-called "growth stocks") can be extremely lucrative as these companies often increase their profits considerably. This also has a positive effect on the share price. On the other hand, the trading of growth stocks is also more risky than that of "value stocks", meaning well-known companies that operate in established markets and have been market leaders there for years. Value equities are often not so attractive, but also have a lower risk of loss. Value shares often also offer higher dividend payments than growth stocks. Dividends have a positive effect on the return on your equity investment.4. Stock purchase: Before detailed information and remain on the ball. On the exchange, the money is not on the road. Keep in mind that as a buyer of a share, you always meet a salesperson who believes that it is better not to own the securities. As a seller it is exactly the opposite. So, before you buy your securities, always ask your opinion from this point of view. If you want to increase your assets with securities in the long term, you should carefully select your investments and keep up to date with your securities before and after the purchase. When buying a share, Investment, and the most successful investors of all time, such as Warren Buffet, George Soros, Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch. They invest exclusively in securities of companies whose business they fully understand.Tip: Take a look at the investor relations website of the company in which you want to invest. You can also get an overview of the business of the company at finanzen.net. Here you will find a comprehensive range of information on each stock and listed stock, Eg here to the DAX values. In addition to news, information on share price developments and business figures, you will also find appointments, key figures and assessments by analysts. When selecting appropriate equities, a look at the constantly updated list of analysts' recommendations also helps. Valuable services are also provided by the finanzen.net stock exchange apps. There you can easily get information as soon as there is something new about your securities. Avoid the biggest novice mistakes in securities trading. Many beginners commit the same mistake in the securities trade. They invest their money in only one securities, usually a fairly speculative share. This can go well, but in most cases it goes wrong. Avoid such a single-item risk and the danger of sitting on double-digit losses during the next downward movement or a negative corporate message. Never put everything on a card at the stock exchange! Instead, spread your risk by distributing your stake to a variety of opportunities. Tip: Start trading on the stock market gently with smaller amounts, do not go into the securities trading with too much speculative stocks, and do not commit the biggest mistake To place a card. Before the first stock purchase, a test of the own investment strategy is recommended. Create a Wachtlist with interesting values ​​and a sample depot. Simply register for free at finanzen.net, then you can create as many watchlists and sample deposits as you like under "myfinanzen" and experiment with different stock exchange strategies without using real money.6. Buying Shares – Choosing the Right Trading Place If you have defined your investment strategy and opted for a company 's share or the purchase of another security, you must enter the securities identification number (WKN or ISIN) in the trading mask of your broker Securities. In Germany, you have the choice between Börse Frankfurt, the XETRA system of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and some regional stock exchanges (Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg …). Many securities can now also be bought and sold in over-the-counter trading. As an investor, you can save yourself the exchange fees and brokerage fees. You also do not have to wait until your order has been executed on the exchange. You can now trade stocks directly at various trading venues. The principle is simple: You place a price request for 20 BASF shares in the order form of your online broker. The trading partner of your custodian bank will then notify you of a non-binding purchase or sales price. As exchange rates are changing rapidly, you have only a few seconds to decide on the offer. If you do not, you can then submit a new binding price request. You can also trade certificates and warrants conveniently and directly with the issuing bank, the so-called issuer. Provided your Depositary offers an over-the-counter trade with this issuer. Before you open your securities account, check which trading center is most favorable depends on many factors: The planned volume for the securities trading, the brokerage commissioner and the spread, ie the difference between starting and ending selling price. For standard values ​​such as DAX shares, the differences are generally negligible. In the case of ancillary stocks with a small trading volume, on the other hand, you should pay attention to the fact that your securities are traded at the selected trading center in order to buy or sell them at a fair market price. Caution should also be exercised in the case of off-exchange trading outside the regular trading hours. Since the direct trading partners carry a higher risk here, the spreads in the securities trading are regularly higher than during the regular trading hours. Tip: Take advantage of the comprehensive information offer on finanzen.net. Here you can find the current prices and trading volumes for each securities at the different trading venues (example: Siemens stock exchanges). Choose a trading place where your share is actively traded (example: stock exchanges and exchange turnover on Siemens shares). Also important for buying and selling your shares: Always keep your order with a limit (a price limit). To ensure that you do not pay an inflated price when purchasing, do not get a bad price for your shares when selling. For brokers with top conditions such as the finanzen.net brokerage depot, you do not pay for setting, changing or canceling a limit. Stocks and speculative securities. The price of your shares is mainly influenced by corporate news. Good business figures usually lead to price increases, while business figures tend to lead to price losses. In addition, other news not directly related to the company also affects the share price. The stock of a car manufacturer that sells a large portion of its cars in China will tend to expand with good news from China, but in the case of bad news, it will tend to yield. Tip: Even if stocks are usually designed as long-term investment, Current economic developments and keep your stock up to date. On finanzen.net and in the finanzen.net stock exchange apps you will find constantly updated market reports. There you can also be informed simply as soon as there is something new about your shares. Run profits, limit losses While traders tend to focus on fast returns, investors are looking to invest long-term success in successful companies and participate in their success through the purchase of shares. Nevertheless, it is also advisable to question the long-term investments in question, as long as the success does not materialize or the stock takes the wrong direction. Experienced stock exchanges act according to the old exchange motto "Run profits and limit losses". For many investors, however, the psychology makes a dash through the bill. They often realize their trade gains after small price increases. In the case of price losses, however, they do not sell and hope to see their turn again at some point. Not infrequently, high losses then accumulate. Tip: Use genuine investor legends for securities trading! Let profits run and limit your losses. Determine the maximum loss you are willing to accept when you buy the shares. Many experienced investors are setting their sales limit down about 20 percent below the entry level. If your stock moves in the right direction, simply pull out your exit limit with time. Also apply to funds and passive investments. Also apply to investment funds and passive investments such as ETF or index certificates in securities trading. Especially for long-term asset building, these securities can be an excellent alternative, but they offer investors a broad risk diversification with only one investment. Experienced investors, however, do not buy the next fund, but choose their investment carefully. The selection of eighth professionals is mainly based on an experienced fund management, an above-average price development compared to other funds (with the same investment focus) and a comparatively small fluctuation range, a measure of the risk. You can also use the fund tools at finanzen.net, which allow you to compare funds according to various criteria, such as the Sharpe ratio, and to choose the best funds from individual sectors. If you would like to invest in an index such as the DAX, you will find Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) or index certificates. Since these are virtually one-to-one in the index, no fund management is necessary here, which means that the investor has significantly lower cost / fee structures. Tip: Trades with shares, certificates and warrants are fun and can bring high profits. However, you should also use funds and passive investments for long-term asset building. Take a look at a wide range of funds, ETFs and fund plans. When you buy funds, you will soon be charged a high initial charge of 6.25%. Lost money, which you can circulate at the time of purchase via fund broker or broker with customer-friendly conditions. For example, customers with finanzen.net brokerage deposit can buy almost all funds registered in Germany without a sales charge.For more information: »9,000 funds without an issue fee at finanzen-broker.net» Buy and sell funds – 8 important tips on asset building with investment fundsBild source: lassedesignen / Shutterstock.com


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