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Business Survey: Business is Confident in the New Year | News

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

COLOGNE / BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – The German economy goes after a survey of the Institute of German Industry (IW) with a lot of momentum into the new year. The business associations looked even more confident in the future than a year ago, said IW Director Michael Hüther the German Press Agency. There is optimism in spite of Britain's exit from the EU, the course of US President Donald Trump and the difficult formation of a government in Germany. "The biggest threat to the upswing, however, is the shortage of skilled workers, which is causing companies to come up against production limits." According to the employer-related institute in Cologne, far more than two-thirds of the organizations surveyed expect higher production for their companies in the coming year. The economy is thus noticeably gaining industry breadth. The investment and employment prospects were noticeably better than they had been a year ago. The current economic downturn was only noticeable in the food industry and in the Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks. Fierce competition and rising costs dampened sentiment in the food industry, with banks suffering from pressure on margins as a result of low interest rates in particular. Leading economists had recently significantly raised their growth forecasts for the new year. Many companies benefited from the improved global economic situation. In addition, growth is being driven by strong private consumption. According to the IW survey, companies also want to invest more. This should strengthen the turnaround. In addition, the service industries in particular, but also large parts of the industry wanted to create more jobs – this applies, for example, to the chemical, automotive and electrical industries. The question is, however, whether the labor demand of companies can be served because of a shortage of skilled workers. / Hoe / DP / he


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