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  Bundestagswahl 2017 and Volksentscheid Tegel: The Election Day with the Tagesspiegel – Politics | Bit Updates
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Bundestagswahl 2017 and Volksentscheid Tegel: The Election Day with the Tagesspiegel – Politics

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

For a few weeks we have been offering you a lot of information about the Bundestag election in our election special at wahl.tagesspiegel.de. On the election evening from 6 pm, this election special will turn into a live dashboard. You get all important data and facts at a glance and in real time. We will show you the latest up-to-dateness and co-ordination possibilities. You can see in a live view how many electoral circles are already counted and how the votes are actually distributed. In our live parament, which we create together with mandatsrechner.de, you can follow how the new Bundestag is composed piece by piece. As soon as the provisional official final result is presented at night, you know who is sitting in the new Bundestag. There are numerous live cards. A map of Germany in which you can track which constituencies are counted and who won them. A Berlin map, in which you can see how the capital has chosen. In the course of the night, a kiezgenaue map from Berlin also comes. Also the results of the Tegel national decision shows the Dashboard One of the central means of communication for many politicians will be on the polls Twitter. In our analysis, you will see who and how many of the most important election hashtags are tweeting, which topics are just important in the respective party filter bubbles. For Berlin the election evening is doubly exciting, because not only the Bundestag is elected, but also because the Berliners also in a national decision about whether the airport Tegel itself should remain after an opening of the BER longer or not. On our dashboard you can see how much is counted, which bearing is located at the front and later, as in the neighborhoods. In addition to the data evaluations, you can find our Liveblog. Reports from the capital, comments and analyzes as well as interviews. You can also find our Twitter channel @TspWahl there. The election special will also be given in English on the evening of the election. We will accompany the evening with a live blog, as well as the Tegel decision. In a fact blog you will find all the important results. In addition, we will be launching a small discussion on the newsroom via Facebook, where we will analyze the first findings of the election evening. You have the opportunity to participate there. But also on our community you can discuss the election evening. The community will remain open the whole night. In addition, there will be an updated ePaper edition of the Tagesspiegel on Monday morning.


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