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Bundesparteitag: The SPD lacks the power gene – Politics

Sunday, December 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The SPD apparently lacks a gene. Or let's put it this way: She has a few Poltics who have it; but like to be cut down at the same time. Meant is the power gene. Whereby power is only meant here in such a way that one or one wants to govern, in the sense of shaping and changing. So do not just discuss programs, oppose everything possible and feel comfortable at it, but really try out whether that what you demand, in reality, endures. Whether it, quite simply, works. Will say: do not take permanent residence in the cloud cuckoo's theorized, but move into the Funktionsbau the Praxis.Der SPD Congress now allows in this regard again wonderful studies. Close to de Leut ', Kurt Beck demanded earlier. And, does the party take note of what is going on around them, what the people want? Dealing with, for example, a government professional like Olaf Scholz is so sadly ignorant – intriguing as well – that doubts are allowed. But what people really want, and not just at Christmas time, is a party that has the power to channel the state ship in troubled times. And that at least one at the top knows what he is doing. That someone says what he will do, and that can best explain. Martin Schulz, unfortunately, people have not thought so; and they will not be any more, the SPD can choose him as they want. This means you have to look for someone who leads them in an election campaign for the chance to reach a few percentage points over 20. The SPD has to do it, because new elections can not be ruled out as the matter develops. But again, the party makes the mistake of not preparing for the event that everything is different than it pleases. Jamaica did not come, although that did not suit the SPD at all. Only brings this eternal "It can not be what can not be," the comrades still under 20 percent.


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