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  Broadband reduction: Telekom announces tens of thousands of VDSL connections in Lower Saxony | Bit Updates
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Broadband reduction: Telekom announces tens of thousands of VDSL connections in Lower Saxony

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: dpa, Oliver Berg / Archive)
             In the northwest, Deutsche Telekom can not agree with the top dog EWE on a lease for VDSL lines. Many customers are now to be downgraded to significantly less bandwidth in the vectoring dispute.


        Many Lower Saxon customers of Deutsche Telekom are currently rubbing their eyes in amazement. The Bonn-based company informs them these days that "we build the telecommunications network of the future". Unfortunately, there are some areas where this is currently not possible. The result: "We can therefore no longer maintain existing VDSL offers." It is necessary to remove the appropriate technology "at your place of residence". Therefore, the existing contract would be terminated at the end of the term if the interested parties did not want to switch to another "broadband connection in the fixed network".
Downgraded Connections Due to Contractual Disputes On Twitter, users complain that they are being downgraded from a VDSL connection at up to 50 Mbps to a 16 Mbps connection. The trigger is a dispute over access to lines based on the VDSL turbo vectoring with the local competitor EWE, as the NDR reports. The Lower Saxony utility is responsible there for the network expansion; However, both sides could not agree on a contract based on which Telekom should use the modernized by EWE Verbindungsstränge.

With vectoring, VDSL can achieve up to 100 MBit / s, but due to the technology, other providers are denied access to the subscriber line (TAL) in the area. As a replacement, only local virtual unbundled access products are possible, which should come close to an unbundled TAL. Competitors of the old monopolist are not obliged to such an approach. In many cases, Telekom itself has the first access to the main distribution and TAL. In the case of Lower Saxony, however, EWE is on the trigger and in the dispute over the conditions of access and the rental price, the two competitors appear to have no common denominator. The Bonn giant can offer its customers so currently only ADSL, as this variant of the copper cable technology is available over longer distances from central points.
30,000 ports affectedLaut NDR is the number of affected ports circulating in industry circles, "alarming". In the supply area of ​​the EWE alone, the Bonn should have around 30,000 customers on their strike list. A spokesman did not want to comment on the circulating numbers to the broadcaster. But he confirmed the process as such and emphasized the report: "We do not do this out of jubilation and dandy." The telecom customer service underlined on Twitter: "We are really very reluctant." The dismantling is based on a "decision of the Federal Network Agency". Previously, corresponding cases from Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia had become known.
EWE and Telekom are cooperating on faster lines. In December, they announced that they would invest up to two billion euros in the expansion of the fiber optic network in the northwest and that they would like to open up the infrastructure to third parties in line with the open access principle. Vectoring is generally considered bridge technology. The designated head of the Federal Chancellery, Helge Braun (CDU), has just announced a "new funding strategy" in broadband expansion. Vectoring should therefore no longer be financed by the state, only fiberglass.
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