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Boris Palmer on free public transport: "15 euros per capita per month is enough" – Politics

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

In Tübingen since last weekend, the city buses go on Saturdays for free. Mr. Palmer, can such an offer be extended and contribute to make the air cleaner? Not only that. Free public transport is the simplest and cheapest solution for traffic jams, parking problems, poor air and climate protection in traffic. And she saves trouble with the EU Commission. How many people can be encouraged so to leave their car? We have determined in Tübingen with model calculations that immediately a third more people would get on the buses. But we do not know it exactly because it has never been tried in Germany. But when I consider how big the protests are because of any price increase, then I believe that the effect would be noticeable. In addition, we would immediately improve the public transport, then more people would get in. Should the federal government to bear the costs completely? He does not have to. It would be enough if he would allow municipalities to introduce a tax on local transport. In Tübingen 15 euros per capita per month would be enough and we would have a majority in the local council. But we can not because the legal basis is missing. A model project would have to subsidize the federal government. I offered a year ago that Tübingen will take over the fare losses of nine million euros, if the federal government carries the additional costs of additional offers of six million. Unfortunately, there was no reaction. Maybe now, isn't it much more important to expand public transport first, do one thing and not leave the other. With free public transport, the offers are better used, a greater demand also leads to more expansion. If one accepts that refinancing has no cost, then there is no more or less money available for expansion if one waives the levying of fares. Is it unfair for motorists to pay for public transport without using it? If it is unfair would be to finance public services for others, then there should be no free schools because of the childless, because of the craftsmen no free universities or because of the cyclists no free highways. How an offer is financed depends on political decisions and goals. We do not want the purse to decide on the education, so it's not the parents who pay, but everyone. If we want many more people to use bus and train, access can be free.
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Boris Palmer (45) has been Mayor of Tübingen since January 2007. Previously, he sat from 2001 for the Greens in the state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


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