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"Blue Letters" by the State Media Authority NRW

Saturday, November 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             Also Letsplay channels with a few hundred spectators are now in the sights of the state media authorities. There can be no question of rapprochement between providers and authorities or even the elimination of outdated regulations.


        In the spring of 2017, it had caught the Heise-Verlag: The competent state media authority said that as a provider of a streaming format, the editors c't must acquire a broadcasting license. This resulted in a huge amount of bureaucracy. The regulation also applies to live streaming offers, which are distributed regularly.
For a few months, a little peace had seemed calm. One could get the impression that there was consensus that the legal requirements were outdated and needed to be revised. At the GamesCom Congress 2017 they wanted to meet to discuss ways out of their misery, reports the internet site GamesWirtschaft.
But the peace trough. Several providers are now reporting further attempts by the authorities to subject even low-reach streaming services to the compulsion of a broadcasting license. In November, Letsplayer, whose live stream can be seen on Twitch TV, have been contacted by the State Media Authority NRW, in order to get in touch with the authority. Without a broadcasting license threatens the decommissioning of the channel.
The effect was not long in coming. Of the providers contacted in the spring by the media wardens, for example, the full-time YouTube creator Erik Range (operator of "Gronkh") sought advice from a specialist lawyer. The Letsplayer quintet PietSmits switched off his offer as a precaution, as reports GamesWirtschaft reports. Even part-time "part-time streamers" are confronted with the official demand for a broadcasting license.




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