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BitRent opens up new horizons for investors

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The BitRent blockchain platform announced a revolutionary solution in the field of new construction: investing in an early phase of commercial and residential real estate and controlling the building process in real time using modules and structures. The company is based on the Blockchain technology and the Smart Contracting protocol. The mission of BitRent is to make real estate investments easy, transparent and profitable throughout the world. Today, leading companies are basically monitoring construction processes manually, which leads to a slowdown in process and operating costs. The BitRent platform allows you to solve these problems. For this, a symbiosis of the following technologies is used: open BIM modeling, computer-assisted monitoring in all phases with RFID chips, green standards as well as open participation possibilities in the most promising commercial and residential real estate using crypto-education.BitRent makes use of smart contracts the investment in commercial and private equity investments to provide a clear, transparent and predictable process for ordinary users worldwide. The decentralized Blockchain system provides companies with the ability to manage building processes not only better but also reduce transaction costs for investment in equity investments. BitRent believes that this platform will change the status quo for blockchain technology in real estate investment. All technologies introduced by the company should ultimately change the way in which designs and investments are handled. BitRain creates the world of affordable real estate The Blockchain platform facilitates the monitoring of commercial and residential construction. BitRent entitles investors from all over the world to participate in share capital at every stage and allows dividends to be obtained. According to own data, BitRent sees the following advantages for investors: All amounts are invested in real estate without minimum threshold. Construction process can be controlled in online modeDividends can be monitored after completion of commissioning / commissioning of a plant free area or commercial objects. All online building control thanks to BIM BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology is actively used to build new projects. This technology optimizes the design and maintenance processes and allows all participants to monitor a project at any time, from free-hand sketches of the architect to maintenance work on finished buildings and structures. BIM collects and processes architectural, technical, technological and economic information on construction , The building itself and all related structures are viewed as an undivided entity. The user receives a 3D model, which can be easily monitored by smartphone. In addition, all 3D model changes are within reach. In the planning phase, an investor can recognize how profitable a building can be in the context of the shared equity concept. It is said that real estate with self-generated power supplies, heating and water are considered profitable and promising. In the coming years, all properties are adapted to specific climatic conditions. Houses that do not meet the environmental requirements will lose their value. In addition, there is a risk that such buildings will no longer have any means of communication in the course of natural catastrophes. The BIM technology prevents investors from buying such land.Blockchain investing in real estateBitRent issues tokens whose owners are entitled to a stake and the right to property published on the platform. "We want the real estate world to be better, technologically simpler and more efficient more environmentally friendly. This will help to reduce both the consumption of resources and the CO2 emission intensity and thus create favorable conditions for EE (Energy Efficiency), shared equity construction and real estate capitalization through crypto-economy worldwide, "says BitRent. "We are striving to change the real estate market and increase the crypt per cent to US $ 10 trillion." Disclosure: This article is a Sponsored Post. About Mark PreussMark Preuss is the founder and CEO of BTC-ECHO. After studying economics in the Netherlands and in China, he led various career positions in finance to Switzerland and finally to Düsseldorf. Early on, he was enthusiastic about digital currencies and blockchain technology. In the absence of a start-up point in the German-speaking world, Mark ultimately decided at the end of 2013 to create a media platform for digital currencies and blockchain with BTC-ECHO. Since then, he has developed BTC-ECHO into the most extensive German-language platform for cryptosciences Website Related posts


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