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Bitcoin mines with their own Tesla

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Recently, BTC-ECHO reported the rumor that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was the inventor of Bitcoin. Disputed by Musk himself, this fantasy could still be fired again. Conspiracy theorists may think it's no coincidence that a Tesla can be used to mine Bitcoin. An owner of a Tesla Model S was inspired by his vehicle for a very creative idea: he uses the free energy from the compressor of his vehicle to generate Bitcoin to mines. For this he installed a Bitcoin mining computer in the trunk of the car. The Bitcoin Miner is being charged by the compressor while it is mining Bitcoin. How Bitcoin mining (usually) works, you can read again in our tutorial. The Idea is Good Researching innovative and creative methods of mining Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is always a very interesting undertaking. However, one should take a closer look at the cost-benefit factor. Essentially, there are two costs to mines that must be considered: computer hardware and electricity. Many aspiring hobbyists are deterred by high electricity costs and fear that utility bills could wipe out the profit of the laboriously mined coins. Especially interesting is the "Tesla-style" to mines, since there are hardly any additional costs. The only major investments are in the cost of the Bitcoin Miner itself and related accessories – besides the Tesla S, of course. The downside The use of super chargers from electric vehicles like the Tesla model could turn out to be a promising opportunity to cheaply mine. But there is also a dark side: Since the mine much heat, there is a risk that the inner parts of the car will be damaged over time. The battery of the car could suffer from a permanent "mining use". Therefore, it should be carefully considered whether or not this particular type of mine with possibly good profit is worth the risk that the car will cause significant damage. Even though this idea will not be taken up by the ordinary Tesla drivers, it does show how creative the topic of mining can be. BTC-ECHOAbout Tanja GieseTanja Giese has been working as an editor for BTC-ECHO since August 2017 and has been writing her own articles since October 2017. She studied German philology, literature and philosophy in Potsdam and graduated with a master's degree. She has gained professional experience above all in start-ups and a digital agency. The focus of her interest in the crypto world is on the social benefits and the dealings of politics with the changes that the advance of cryptocurrencies demands. All contributions by Tanja Giese


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