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Births in Berlin: Round Table on the Hebammen-Engpass – Berlin

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Does the Senate need to do more for obstetrics? On Friday, health senator Dilek Kolat (SPD) met with the heads of Berlin's birth clinics, midwives' representatives as well as the hospital supervisor, the fire brigade and experts at the training centers. The round table had been convened because more and more midwives were needed in the growing city. "We now have to clarify how clinics can expand their delivery room capacities and the Senate can help them. For example, a digital bed detection in pilot operation will start this year in order to organize the forwarding of acute cases from a fully occupied clinic to a house with free capacity, "said Senator Kolat after the meeting but the Senate Health Administration also reported more accurate data on Friday: after the provisional record year 2016, when 42 618 children were born in Berlin hospitals, the number could fall in the current year. Forecasts for 2017 therefore predicted some 41,000 births. However, eight out of 19 birth hospitals in the city currently limit the number of registrations, and four others plan to do so. Women should therefore choose a less frequented clinic. Time and again, birth clinics at the rescue service of the fire brigade have fully logged out of their delivery rooms. According to the Senate, the reasons for this are, among other things: the space bottleneck in the delivery room (twelve clinics), the lack of midwives (ten clinics), too few free beds (five clinics). The round table continues.


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