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Berliner Kulturpolitik: Lederer wants to be Robin Hood of Culture – Culture

Saturday, January 6th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

"For me, the focus is on issues of equal participation of all in social and thus cultural wealth." This is how Berlin's Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer defines the "red thread" that runs through his draft for the budget 2018/19. At midnight, he explained on December 14 his priorities in the House of Representatives, in the debate on the dual budget. He wanted "to create conditions that enable numerous artists to work freely without living on material existential fears". So the left-wing politician has put all those actors of the capital city scene in the center of his efforts, which work mostly beyond the media limelight. The children's and youth theaters, the music school teachers, the freelance visual artists, the district cultural work, the municipal libraries. Lederer wants to be a lobbyist for those who do not have a strong lobby. As an upright leftist, he fights against the gentrification of the city, as a senator he is strong that freelance artists can continue to work in the inner city districts. By the end of the legislature, as many as 2,000 workplaces should be secured. A big goal that Lederer wants to invest in the long term – however, it is not on the senate side "continuously solidified for the following years". In this dual budget, but after all, he has made just under seven million euros loose.2018 total 625.6 million euros are available for culture To alleviate the principle of self-exploitation, which is characterized by the off-scene, it will in the future minimum standards in the promotion by artists as well as at exhibition fees in municipal galleries. For Lederer, this is just as much an honest cultural policy as the 100% compensation for wage increases for the collective bargaining institutions. For many years, the houses had to increase their employees' salaries from their own budgets, which meant that there was less money available for the arts. For these three measures a big chunk of the 100 million euros on it, by which the new cultural budget has increased compared to 2017 – to a total of 625.6 million euros. A whopping 38.5 million euros are also available for the improvement of cultural infrastructure. Although there is already an internal list of priorities in which institutions should be invested first, the actual projects will only be decided in the coming months.

 At 0.48, Parliament approved Lederer's budget. The deputies had previously corrected the draft in their favor at one point or another. And to top: By 26 amendments from ranks of the government coalition funds for 2018 could be increased by 5.9 million euros, for 2019 by 6.55 million euros. It goes up for young visitors. Photo: Christian Brachwitz More money is flowing especially for groups of artists who have been shaping the metropolitan scene for a long time but still have to live from hand to mouth. The culture committee chairman and Green politician Sabine Bangert speaks here of "anchor institutions" of Berlin's cultural landscape, which wanted to support the parliament beyond the planned by the administration beyond measure, or even the first time a government grant should be procured. The Radialsystem at the Ostbahnhof, which has developed since its foundation in 2005 into an important player for innovative in the field of dance and music, receives from 2018 for the first time one million euros per year. The work of the German Center for Fairytale Culture, which organizes the Berliner Märchentage, will be funded on the initiative of the Parliament with an annual sum of € 480,000. The MEPs also obtained a larger increase for the dance company Toula Limnaios, which now receives € 543,000 instead of € 430,000 (of which € 75,000 goes through parliament). The choreographer Constanza Macras can look forward to 508 900 euros (instead of the previous 283 220 euros, 200 000 through parliament). The subsidy increase for the ensemble "Nico an the navigators" is entirely in the hands of the MEPs (354,000 instead of 154,000 euros). The same applies to the "Academy for Early Music": the chamber orchestra, which specializes in baroque music, receives 200,000 instead of the previous 100,000 euros. With the budget of the "Hebbel am Ufer" (HAU) with its three stages, the parliament put on the Senate Approach 300 000 euros on it, so that the total funding increases from 5.736 million to 7.11 million euros.

New is the festival fund Lederer's own invention is the festival fund, which will be endowed with eight million euros. This should finally give planning certainty to "Berlin's figureheads", which have so far "been in constant uncertainty from the funding period to the funding period". Beneficiaries will include festivals like the Carnival of Cultures or the Fête de la Musique, as well as special interest events such as "Atonal" and the CTM Festival for Experimental and Electronic Music. Also the Berlin Art Week and the Performing Arts Festival called Lederer in the debate in the House of Representatives. A matter of the heart for the senator are the children's and youth theaters. After years of unsuccessful efforts to adjust their subsidies, budget item 2018/19 will be increased by € 1.55 million. The Theater an der Parkaue receives half a million euros more than in 2017 (100,000 euros of which at the initiative of the Parliament). The budget estimate for the Grips Theater will be increased by 300,000 euros, the Atze Musiktheater will receive 200,000 euros more in the future. The subsidies for the Schaubude (around 100,000 euros), the Theater Strahl (around 250,000 euros) and RambaZamba (around 101,000 euros) will also be increased. The funding for small children's and youth theaters will be increased by 100 000 euros. Lederer wants to reduce inhibitions "Lederer" hopes for "the youngest and younger" on their theatrical visits "defining experiences". And a reduction of inhibitions against the high culture: "If we just do not want that only a quarter of the city society is always back in our facilities, then we have to expand the offer of children's and youth theater." Finally, Dieter Hallervorden had: For his Schlossparktheater did not allow additional money to be found in the budget discussions. To the 440 000 euros, which are regularly transferred from the state of Berlin to the private theater in Steglitz, but currently come 600 000 euros from the pot of Lottostiftung. As of 2018, the cultural administration will pay twice as much as in the district cultural fund. However, the sum of 1.011 million euros is put into perspective, considering that all districts have to share this pot. It benefits all those who do not have a strong lobby No more than an idea so far is the "Round Table Dance": 100 000 € are in the budget for the committee, which is to work out concepts for the future of the dance location Berlin. Anyone who will take part in the discussions and when the Round Table can be constituted must still be decided. Glamorous highlights like this twin budget 2018/19 missing – but Klaus Lederer does not even seek to follow in the footsteps of his Vornamensvetters Wowereit. He would rather be a Robin Hood of culture. Where the bubbling tax revenue even allow him to give to the poor, without having to take the rich. Others take care of that. As part of the capital financing agreement, the Berliner Philharmoniker will receive € 7.5 million from the Federal Government, and the Opera Foundation € 10 million.


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