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Berlin-Zehlendorf: Punishment for Violence at an AfD Election Event – Berlin

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Because of the action against two visitors of an election campaign of the AfD in the town hall Zehlendorf, the District Office has filed a criminal complaint. "This is reminiscent of dark times," said real estate manager Maren Schellenberg (Greens) on Wednesday at the meeting of the district council meeting Steglitz-Zehlendorf and spoke for the whole district council: "We are appalled." The SPD ordinator Norbert Buchta felt " the SA in the Weimar period ". Green Party Chairman Nina Stahr, who was a district governor for a long time in Steglitz-Zehlendorf, said: "The AfD's approach is reminiscent of forms of oppression of democratic discourse believed to have long been overcome." Two visitors were forced out of the room a two-person election campaign, declared as a "Citizens' Dialogue" under the title "Gauland," two critical visitors were forced out of the hall in Zehlendorfer Rathaus. The fact that in a public building the freedom of expression and the right to physical integrity were violated "is not acceptable to the district office," Schellenberg explained. House right is exercised by the district council in the town hall. If an organizer wanted to refer someone to the room and he did not want to go, he had to call the police. The two visitors were, a video of the scene, published on the Internet, ready to leave the hall. "Touching is not at all possible," said Schellenberg. A victim of violence suffered "traumatic injuries in the neck area" A violence victim, who was strangled by AfD folders, suffered from "traumatic injuries in the neck area," reported the councilor. The District Office apologized to the injured parties for the incident. Youth councilor Carolina Böhm (SPD) and district co-workers, who wanted to attend the event, had been knocked down. Then, Peer Döhnert, Fraunhofer of the AfD, rose: the BVV faction had not been an organizer, but the Bezirksverband, "nevertheless, we apologize as a faction". The six district members regretted the attack. The District Office has reimbursed criminal charges on the grounds of suspicion of bodily harm and coercion – and the AfD was requested by letter to assist in clarifying the proceedings. Councilor Schellenberg announced that in the future she would have to look more closely at which party events you had to provide rooms.


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