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Berlin-Zehlendorf: Planned School Attitude Outraged Parents – Berlin

Thursday, February 8th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The bad surprise came just before the winter holidays: "In the school year 2018/19, we train first graders for the last time," it says in a letter that the parents of the respected Zehlendorfer Pestalozzi School received from their principal. The Education Administration and the Education Office had decided that the support center for pupils with learning disabilities and the primary school should "phased out". She herself would change after the holidays to another school. The education administration confirmed the decision and justified them with a lack of demand: The classes were underutilized because parents increasingly wanted including schooling. Even the primary school classes are not full. The district has not responded to requests so far, but wanted to do so today. "Suicidal thoughts, cracks and various behavioral disorders" The school closure with reference to too small classes surprised and outraged parents and staff of the school also because the red-red-green coalition had just decided to create small classes, particularly difficult and behavioral conspicuous children to promote better. The education-political SPD spokeswoman Maja Lasic does not see this as a contradiction, because the desired new small classes are temporary learning groups: The students concerned would then return to their regular classes. Incidentally, the funding center "will not be closed for dogmatic reasons, because they are supposed to forcibly promote inclusion," Lasic emphasizes. "Temporary study group sounds good. Implies them that the students after temporary exclusive education back to the rule classes can return. But how is this supposed to work? We are dealing here with suicidal thoughts, cracks and various behavioral disorders, "writes an angry teacher at the school. The students concerned were also too severely impaired in their learning due to cognitive or social difficulties that they could be caught in regular work, and where appropriate special education teachers were missing. "Outstanding concept in the district" Even worried parents spoke out in indignation: "We had Our daughter had a long odyssey when we came to Pestalozzi School, "said a concerned mother. Her daughter had previously been stigmatized at the regular school and not adequately supported.

"I can not understand why such a successful school should be closed with an outstanding concept in the district," a father wrote. The remaining elementary school classes will be run as branch classes of the Zinnowwald Primary School from 2020. "There were several discussions" The education administration stressed on Monday that parents and employees had been prepared for the move. "There were several discussions about this," emphasized authorities spokeswoman Iris Brennberger. Compared to the school year 2012/13, the number of students has fallen by more than a third. In particular, elementary school parents now chose the inclusive schooling for their children. According to Brennberger, there are still students left in the support center who, in addition to the learning support needs, usually also have serious behavioral problems: "They no longer find role models in their peer group," Brennberger points out. The parents want to fight In addition, district and school inspectorate "in the first joint considerations" on an expansion of the inclusive elementary school at the site thought. But that had been rejected, because there are too many school places for elementary school children in this region. The neighboring Zinnowwald school was underutilized. Parents and educators meanwhile denied vehemently that they had been informed in advance: Only at a staff meeting and subsequent school conference on January 29, the phasing out had been announced – accordingly shocked were the reactions failed. The parenting does not want to give up without a fight and at least fight for the survival of the elementary school.


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