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  Berlin-Steglitz: Parcel Fund in Bank Linked to DHL Extortion – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Berlin-Steglitz: Parcel Fund in Bank Linked to DHL Extortion – Berlin

Saturday, January 13th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Shock before the weekend: For three hours, the police in Steglitz on Friday was in full operation, after employees of the Commerzbank in the Schlossstrasse had alarmed them. A postman had brought a packet of wires to open when it opened. The police closed the shopping street between Grunewaldstrasse and Schildhornstrasse in both directions. At 12:45 pm, the forensic technicians and the explosives robots arrived – and recognized an ignition device that separated them from the rest of the package. According to a police spokeswoman, the object was taken to a passageway to the backyard of the bank branch. There it was opened by specialists and then opened. It included "pyrotechnic-like substances". First, the Berlin police did not necessarily go from a connection to the spectacular million pressing the parcel DHL, while the Brandenburg Interior Ministry suspected quite a connection. In the late evening, the Berlin police also turned and tweeted: "We can confirm a factual connection with the DHL extortion in Brandenburg." The contents should be brought to the blast place Grunewald and examined there more closely. Only then will it become clear how great was the danger that emanated from the program. Even the exact addressee and possible sender was initially nothing to experience. By blocking the busy Schloßstraße some shops and apartments were no longer accessible. All around the traffic jammed, the BVG led several bus lines. Affected were the M48 and the M85 and the lines 186 and 242. After 16 clock, the blockages were lifted.

Is there a connection to DHL extortion? Even if the police so far no clear parallels to DHL extortion, the current case reminds of it. The extortionists had sent parcel bombs to a dealer in Frankfurt (Oder) at the beginning of November and to a pharmacy in Potsdam on 1 December. Then the Christmas market in the state capital was partially cleared. In both cases it was mild, the bombs did not light. The receivers alerted in time the police, which could make the shipments harmless. The pharmacist in Potsdam also became suspicious because "such strange wires were peeking out". The package bombs – battery-operated detonators, a metal box filled with nails, and polish guns – would have resulted in grave injuries in the event of an explosion. An enclosed QR code led to the ransom note. The perpetrators demand several million euros from the parcel service provider DHL – paid in the crypto-currency Bitcoin. The blackmailers want to prevent a classic handover and take no chances to be caught.Brandenburg Interior Minister Karl -Heinz Schröter (SPD) had shown in recent weeks confident that the DHL extortioners are caught. Because the investigators have discovered the traces of several people in the mailed to Potsdam and Frankfurt (Oder) parcel bombs. Police assume several perpetrators On Friday, the police headquarters in Potsdam held back to the state of the investigation, which is common in such cases. A spokesman said only that it would continue to be determined intensively. The special commission "cross" at the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) with about 50 officials but has progressed. The investigators go to Tagesspiegel information now believe that behind the parcel bombs are several culprits. So far, there was always talk of a blackmailer. At the same time, with the help of experts from other federal states, Soko has thousands of images of surveillance cameras with special systems checked for hits in databases. Interior Minister Schröter had appealed to the blackmailers, they should stop "before there are injured." Since the packet bomb of Potsdam, there was no further case, but false alarms nationwide. Most suspicious packages were reported, but then proved to be harmless. Sometimes they contained bedding, sometimes car parts – and in one case a vibrator, which had turned on when inserting into the mailbox and growled.


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