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Berlin-Lichtenberg: A Christmas tree as a reminder – Berlin

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

From a distance everything could hang – colorful glass balls, paper garlands or red apples. But if you go up the stairs to the first floor of the Manfred-von-Ardenne-Gymnasium and stand right in front of the table with the Christmas tree, it is clear: There is nothing here except garbage. Plastic garbage. The tree is part of a large project that is haunting class 10d. It all started when the students from Hohenschönhausen used plastic in their lessons and the resulting environmental problems. The more they became aware of the consequences of plastic consumption, the stronger the interest in deepening the topic, says ethics and German teacher Angelika Hebestadt. "The Biggest Danger of Our Oceans" While it was first of all that everyone should check their own handling of garbage, the parents and the school itself were examined in a further step – and the whole thing got a name: "Plastic is not fantastic ", he says and is now the motto of the blog, which some of the tenth graders take care of. The project also plays a role on the homepage of the school. There, the 10d calls all the classmates "not so lavish to deal with plastic". Plastic waste is next to climate change "the biggest threat to our oceans". Therefore, the main goal of the students is that as many classmates as possible recognize and communicate that "each one of us can help to improve the situation". For this to succeed, it is also ensured in school life that the topic is not forgotten – for example, through school screensavers showing squalid beaches, or currently through the Christmas tree, which they hung with the packaging waste that they found at home.

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